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Jun. 3 - 9, 2004

Vol. 13, No. 38

Savage Love

Leaky Pipes

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I, Anonymous


Harry Balls

Something Horrifying is Stalking the Students of Hogwarts: Puberty

Hail to the 'Thief'

A Deadly Shadow Game

Time Travel Is Lonely

Donnie Darko Gets a Redux

Add Insult to Injury

Benny, Marty, & Jerkbeast Hate You, but Love Them Anyway

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Blow Up

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The Ballad of the Burmas

Mission of Burma Pass the Test of Time

Never Take Me Home

SPIDeRBITeS Rock the Rails

The Joy of Devendra

Banhart's Singing Is Better Than Sex

The Fire This Time

Mclusky Taps the Rage

One Man Kingdom

Joe Preston Back in Action

Live Wire

Discord and Dysfunction

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Homage to Catatonia

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The Great Panjandrum

Obscure Questions and Unobscured Nudity

Lady Robot Sex Toy...

...Goes on Rampage, Runs for President


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Food & Drink

An Eyeful and a Mouthful

Two Restaurants with a View of the New Library

Dragonfish Asian Cafe

A Moderately Happy Hour

Eatin' Out


Uncle Sam Wants Me?

How I Learned to Start Worrying & Fear the Draft

Skate City

Rat City Roller Girls Are Going to Rock Seattle

Bookfest Goes Bust

Facing Financial Challenges, Decreasing Crowds, and Increasing Irrelevance, Northwest Bookfest Throws in the Towel

Burning Up the Track

Monday's Fire on the Seattle Monorail Is a Good Argument for Building a New, Expanded Monorail System, Not an Argument Against It

Tread Marks

Naked Bikers Descend on Seattle Center

The Wedding Planners

Attorneys File Legal Arguments for Gay Marriage

Prez Mat 2004

Kerry Stays Cool, But Can He Win Without Heat?

In The Hall

That Dizzy Feeling

Five to Four

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