Print Edition for the week of
Jun. 10 - 16, 2004

Vol. 13, No. 39

Savage Love

Gazing at the Scars

New Column!


Hedda Does Wenatchee

Paul Willis Brings Ibsen to SIFF

Strap-On Vin Diesel

His Riddick Video Game Is Extra Medium

God Goes to Prom

The Teen Flick Grows a Soul in Saved!

SIFF Picks

That's all Folks!

Blow Up

Film Shorts

Movie Times

I, Anonymous


A Life in the Day

The Streets Pushes Things Forward

Young and Restless

This Moment in Black History Kick Out the Spasms

Rebel Yell

The Von Bondies Break from Their Past

Forfeiting Fakery

The Starvations Carve Up L.A.

Bitter Pills to Pop

Challenger's Comforting Cynicism

Live Wire

The Glam Life

beatseeking missives


Parties Listings

Some Candy Talking

Turn the Good Thing Back


Clone Yourself

All Ages Action

Classical, Jazz, & Avant

Mark Salman Plays Liszt


Up & Coming

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CD Review

NW Top Twenty


On Stage

The World of Pretend

Light Is the New Heavy

Or, How John Michael Higgins Schooled My Pretentious Ass

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Visual Art

Sit Here. Look There.

Furniture and Art

Art News

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Memories Are Murder

Short Books About Life-Changing Albums

Another Planet

Black Literature's Sci-Fi Void


Readings Listings

Food & Drink

Imperial Garden

Steamy Carts of Stuffed Goodness

Saigon Deli

Crowded, but So Clean

Eatin' Out



Church & State

A lunatic Christian cult has the run of the White House and the ear of the president. What do they want? The end of the world. Be afraid.

Killer Library

The New Central Library Offers Civic Validation, a Huge Collection of Material, and a Staggering Number of Startling New Ways to Die

Ronald Reagan

An American Remembers and Mourns

Stroking the Base

Sims Veers Left at Democratic Convention

Pioneer Square Off

Neighboring Clubs Nervous about Troubles at Larry's Nightclub

Market Fluctuation

Broadway Market's Development Plans Revealed

Off Track

Monorail Recall "Grassroots" Effort Upended by Ties to Big Money and Big Hummer

Dead Man Walking?

As Hard As He Tries to Be, Bush Is No Reagan

In The Hall

Hair Furor

Five to Four

Police Beat

In Other News...

The Stranger Department of Homeland Security


Drunk of the Week

Control Tower

Making It Work

Celebrity I Saw U

I Love Television

You Can't Fire Me... I QUIT!!

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