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Jun. 17 - 23, 2004

Vol. 13, No. 40

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Altered States

The Secret Machines' Narcotic Bliss

Beat Junkie Beat Junkie

Seattle's World-Class Hiphop Producer Jake One

Revenge of the Nerds

Only BlöödHag Belongs in Both EMP and the Sci-Fi Museum

Hella Good

Return of the Massive Duo

Live Wire

Move It

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Sweet & Sour Shorts Meet Reconstituted Ibsen

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Billy Name's Photographs of the Warhol Factory

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Poetry After Auschwitz

Is John Barth Relevant Anymore?

Caribou Hair Everywhere

Coming of Age at 20 Below


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Omar Al-Khyam Restaurant

The Summer of Fatoush

Frites: Belgian Fries

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Eatin' Out



The Experience Music Project is a flop on all fronts--financial, musical, and intellectual.

Slightly Less EMPty?

When The Geeks Have Gone

Restructuring the EMP/SFM

What Museums Tell Us About Ourselves, and What It Means When They Die

In Defense of EMP

News Flash:

Rock Is Dead. Damn Straight It Belongs in a Museum

Dirty Tricks

Heavy Hitters Use Misleading Tactics to Boost Anti-Monorail Campaign

Sick Day

Daycare Staff Walks Out to Protest Proposed Pay Cuts and Classroom Over-crowding

Fame vs. Fortune

On Eastside, Dave Ross Squares Off Against Alex Alben in Congressional Race

The Painful Truth

The Significance of Bush's Tortured Evasions

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What Happens in Vegas...

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The Stranger Department of Homeland Security


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