Print Edition for the week of
Jun. 24 - 30, 2004

Vol. 13, No. 41

Savage Love

Baggin' It

New Column!


Hearts and Minds

Michael Moore Pulls Off a Brilliant Bush Assassination

Losing Control

'Control Room' Exposes the Pitfalls of Modernization

The Pacifist

Bin Laden Wouldn't Hit Back

Blow Up

Film Shorts

Movie Times


Windy City Wind-Up

The Ponys' Big Buzz

Phasing In

Melissa Auf der Maur Steps Out Solo

Heavy Handed

Helio Sequence's Compound Pop

Rattle and Hum

Big Business Bust Out

Drop a Dot

The Legendary Pink Dots Round Out a Quarter Century

Pedantry Can Be Funny

A Literary Scholar Takes On Bob Dylan

Live Wire

Knight and Day

Some Candy Talking

Hot and Hotter

My Philosophy

Hiphop Turned Up

beatseeking missives


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Classical, Jazz, & AVANT

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Free For All

All Ages Action

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Playing in the Shallow End

Theater News

Cabaret Terrorists Kiki & Herb Bring the Noise

Theater Listings

Visual Art

The Occidental Trench

Moments Before Pioneer Square's Renaissance

Art News

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Killer Queens

Bette Davis, Freddie Mercury, and the Poets Who Adore Them


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Food & Drink

Baguette Box

Food for Drunks, Nappers, and Others

The Pink Door

Sex and This City

Eatin' Out


Presidential Veto

Landlord Prohibits Anti-Bush Poster, Tenant Takes It to the Streets

Before You Sign the Dotted Line

A Survey of This Year's Initiatives

Dog Fight

Neighbors Wary of Pit-Bull Training

Mr. Bush Goes to WA

And Reveals His Strategy for Victory

The Stranger Department of Homeland Security


In Other News...

In The Hall

Hotheads and Potheads

Police Beat

Five To Four

Dance Lesson

Street Eats

Always Migrants, Now Refugees

Recent Refugees

Six Gay Men and Lesbians Who Found a Refuge in Seattle

Virtual Refugees

For Thousands of Gay and Lesbian Teenagers All Over the World, Cyberspace Is the First Refuge

Oh, Oklahoma

Growing up in the heartland was less traumatic 20 years ago than it is today. Go west, young homos. Or east. But get out.

Virginia Is for Haters

Despite the passage of the most restrictive, appallingly bigoted anti-gay law in the country, this newly minted Virginian plans to stay and fight.

Give Federalism a Chance

Instead of pushing for a national solution on issues like gay marriage, American gays and lesbians should accept that some states will be better places for us than others--at least for now.

Schmader's March

A Militant Gay Humanist Outlines a Path of Instructive Destruction Through a Nation Divided

Advice for Recent Arrivals

Welcome, Young Lady, and Good Luck

Reverse Migration

Want to change the debate over gay rights? Leave the Big City and Go Rural, Young Queers.

Things Could Be Worse

If you're feeling oppressed you're not paying attention. A little perspective for ñpersecuted" American queers.

Pride Listings

Parties, Marches, Art Shows, and more Parties--Places We Are Definitely Wanted This Week

Jock Itch

Control Tower


Celebrity I Saw U

Ostensible Blondes

I Love Television

Viva La Olsen Difference!

Last Days

The Week in Review

Letters to the Editor

The Queer Issue

Conservative Paradise

One Homo's Journey Through Gay-Free Rural America—Land of Fractured Families, Methamphetamine Abuse, Underground KKK Dens, and Really Bad Hair

Gay in Rhea

When a county in rural Tennessee made national news by attempting to make homosexuality illegal, a local lesbian decided to host the Rhea County's first gay pride celebra- tion. She wound up paying a high price.