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Jul. 1 - 7, 2004

Vol. 13, No. 42

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Rent Before Sunrise Then See Before Sunset--Now.

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A Buddhist Game Show, A Snippy Epistle, and a Bunch of Witless Shouting

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Returning to a City I Was Fucking Happy to Leave


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Canada Comes Through

On Monday Canadian voters defeated a conservative candidate who backed the war in Iraq and threatened to roll back marijuana reform, gay marriage, and health care spending. Hopefully Americans will do the same this November.

Log Jam

Activists Take on Feds as the Bush Policies Endanger Northwest Public Lands.

Paved Over

The city has a plan to tear down the viaduct. Why don't they want to talk about it?

Wounded Pride

Gay Man Viciously Attacked During Pride

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Chaos Theory

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Make It Stop!

This July 4th resolve to do your patriotic duty by driving George W. Bush out of the White House this November. The Stranger's guide to getting involved--locally, nationally--and getting even.

The Big Ones

Everything you need to know about the local and national races that really matter.

Dialing for Democrats

The hotly contested Eastside is coveted real estate for both national political parties. Can the Ds take it back in 2004?

Why I'll Vote

Because I Really Care About You

Campaign Matchmaker

There are just so many fish in the sea. What's a single boy or girl to do? John Kerry? Ron Sims? No Vote Left Behind? The Backbone Campaign (sexy!)? How do you know whom to pick? This handy quiz will set you up with the perfect campaign in 2004.