Print Edition for the week of
Jan. 22 - 28, 2014

Vol. 23, No. 21

Savage Love

Great Pains

I, Anonymous


Raze: Beyond Grindhouse to Grosshouse

Tokyo Waka: A Documentary Dedicated to Tokyo's Crows

The Invisible Woman: Ralph Fiennes Dulls the Dickens Out of Dickens


Five Days of Female Film at SIFF's Women in Cinema Fest


Run for the Shadows

Jack Name's Dazzling and Eccentric Light Show

Yuck vs. Yuck

An English Indie Band Versus Giving Birth, Mastication, and Condoms

What's Crappening?

News, reviews, and booze

Data Breaker

The Homosexual Agenda

Never Heard of 'Em


My Philosophy

Balance & Options

Poster of the Week

Sound Check

DJ Quik Revolves to Evolve


Up & Coming

Lose your grade-A bro music every night this week!

Musical Comic

Derek Erdman's Historic Seattle Concert Timeline!


Amy Thone Is Abnormally Talented

And Thirty Years Later, The Normal Heart Is Still Infuriating

Disappearing Dad

Miguel Morales Asks Where's Papi?

Free Will Astrology

For the Week of Jan 22

Visual Art


Explorations of the Inside and the Out

Loose Lips

Arts Gossip


The Book That Ate the World

When Her Novel Didn't Work, Ruth Ozeki Climbed Inside and Fixed It

Food & Drink

Wings of Desire

The Best Thing About Sports Is Buffalo Wings

Drinking with Charles Mudede

Old Dreamers

Chow Bio

Beermosas and Industrial Charm at the Eastern Cafe


Belltown Diary

The Side of the City You See When You Live in a Public Garden Frequented by Belltown Bros and Homeless Junkies

How Richard Sherman's Fingertips Changed History

Thank You, Sherman, We Owe It All to You

Sports Column

Celebrating 23 Years of Distinguished Sports Coverage


Screw Comcast and CenturyLink

Now Is the Perfect Time to Build a Fast, City-Owned Broadband Service

Three Things the New Chief Must Do to Fix SPD

He Has Only Four Months

Murray's Hidden Meetings

Mayor Holds Talks on $15 an Hour Minimum Wage

Seattle Still Has to Overcome

We're Not as Post-Racial as We Think

Dope Decision

Why Attorney General Bob Ferguson's Opinion That Cities Can Ban Pot Businesses Might Be Great for Seattle

Sources Say

All the News That You Should Definitely Ignore

Last Days

The Week in Review

I Love Television

The New Sunday School


'Le Amiche'

Dee Dee Redux

'The Room Nobody Knows'


'The General'

A Night of Modern Love


Silent Reading Party



Comic by Elaine Lin

Worn Out

Ritual Elvis Wear