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Sep. 2 - 8, 1999

Vol. 8, No. 50

Savage Love


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Beautiful Extravagance

Carax's Multi-Million Dollar Playground for Two

The New God

LL Cool J Reinvents Himself ... Again

Talking about a Dump

Peter Farrelly Comes of Age

Short Films Keep Growing

An Emerging Seattle Art Form

Exotic Adventures

Talking Monkeys and Sacred Maidens by Bruce Reid

This Week on TV

Return of the Blue Meanies

The Newly Restored Yellow Submarine

Movie Times

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Skratching to the Top Brings Hiphop to the Cybermasses

Out of the Mouths of Babes

The Catheters Are Not Just Pretty Faces

All Ages Action

Up Tempo Loin Grinding

Latin Dance at China Harbor

Here's the Gun

Please Shoot Me If I Ever Care That I Look Stupid When I Dance

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Tom & Kyra & George & Martha

David Hare's Career Low-Light

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Stokley Towles: Tour Guide

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Sgt. Rigsby Rules the Shadows

Theater Listings

Whiteboy Deluxe

Danny Hoch's Cultural Revolution

Visual Art

The Old Man and the Psyche

James Hillman on Innocence, Wisdom, and Aging


The Life of Gregory

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Kicking A Dead Horse

Dennis Cooper's Cultural Minefield

Bumbershoot Crapshoot

The Inside Scoop

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Food & Drink

Rainforest Cafe

Environmental Chuck E. Cheese

Where To Eat, What To Eat


Everything but the Girl

Why Lesbians Don't Get Paid

Police Beat

Hardcore American Crime

Lost and Found

A Year's Worth of Missing Files Raises Questions about King County's Election Commission

The Return of the Demon

Monastery Founder Sues Cops, Runs for City Council

SHA Sham

Housing Activists Bitch about New Appointment

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Victimizing Visions

I Love Television

I Love Television™

I'm Not Angry


It's My Party


The Numbness Is Just a Bonus

Internet Radio Is Media Communism

Stuart Braithwaite From Mogwai

The Stranger Interview

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