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Sep. 2 - 8, 2004

Vol. 13, No. 51

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Living in a Material World

Reese Witherspoon Takes on the British Empire

Schmaltzy, Vaguely Gay

Danny Deckchair Stinks Like Yesterday's Barbie

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Call It a Comeback

The Presidents of the United States of America vs. Themselves

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Terrible, Terrible Freedom

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Brian Evenson Renews His Allegiance to the Unpleasant


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The Stranger Department of Homeland Security ENDORSEMENTS

For September 14, 2004, Primary Election

Kerry's Protest Problem

The massive protests in NYC didn't, as some feared, make John Kerry look bad. The massive protests had nothing to do with John Kerry--and that's a much bigger problem.

Road Trip: Alki Beach

In the final installment of The Stranger's summer road trip series, ANNIE WAGNER journeys to far-off Alki Beach, West Seattle, where she finds rain, wet sand, and puddles.

Jock Itch

Street Eats

The Stranger vs. Bumbershoot

The Pixies vs. Fan Expectations

Everyone Has Their Own Reasons for Loving the Pixies

Shut Them Down

A History of Public Enemy vs. the System

Nancy Sinatra vs. Her Past

The Cool Chanteuse Remains in Style

Tomorrow's Superstars Today!

Meet the Contestants for Pizzazz! 2004

Fericito vs. Saddam Hussein

Fred Armisen Is Always Kidding

Bring on the Gut-Busts

Laugh a Minute

The Only Thing That Can Save You

My Event with John Hodgman vs. Everything Else at Bumbershoot

On Being Jonathan Raban

Or, Jonathan Raban vs. Humbert Humbert

The Future Is Here

Clear Cut Press vs. Daylight Hours

Screw the System

Indie Comics vs. Respectability

Short Films vs. You

The 1 Reel Film Festival

Constantly Framed

Juniper Shuey vs. Juniper Shuey

Who, When, Where

A Day-by-Day Comprehensive Rundown of Bumbershoot Oddities, Obstacles, and Outstanding Performances

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