Print Edition for the week of
Apr. 9 - 15, 2014

Vol. 23, No. 32

Savage Love

Thrills and Spills

I, Anonymous


The Raid 2: A Bunch of Martial Artists Work Out Their Daddy Issues

Shady Photographer

A Gripping Documentary About Vivian Maier

Oculus: The Mirror That Kills!!!

Scarlett Johansson, Predator

The Amazing Under the Skin Shows You the Hell You Want to See

A Singaporean Family Fights for Life Amid Financial Ruin in the Brilliant Ilo Ilo


Holy Shit, It's the Return of Industrial-Metal Icons Godflesh

Justin Broadrick's Rage Will Never Subside

What's Crappening?

News, Reviews, and Gay

Barry Uhl Has a Colony of Misfits Inside His Brain

An Account of the Happenings at Wretched Knob Is a Multimedia Saga of a Doomed Town

Data Breaker

Queer Talent for Days: Welcome to ’Mo-Wave 2014!

Get to Know This Year’s Phenomenal, Filthy, Groundbreaking Headliners

The Homosexual Agenda

My Philosophy

Disposable Arts

Poster of the Week

Sound Check

Goat Don't Do That Voodoo That You Do



Life Is a Celebration

The Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater Will Light Up Your Life

The Importance of Being Frank

A Politician, His Penis, and Their Mutual Downfall in Tails of Wasps

Suffer the Children

Gidion's Knot Is a Manipulative Thought Experiment with a Dead Kid at Its Center

Free Will Astrology

For the Week of April 9

Visual Art

Seattle Art Museum’s First Ai Weiwei Piece Is Baubles

People Love to Smash Them

This Land Is Fucked Land

Two Art Projects I Can't Help Relating to the Mudslide


A Welcome Intruder

The Flagship Publication of Seattle's Comics Boom Is Here

At a Loss

Kevin Young's Book Hurts, Grieves, and Breathes with You

Food & Drink

Good-Bye to Piecora's

We'll Miss Everything About You, Old Friend

Chow Bio

The Thunderbird Tavern's Secret Sauce

First Draft

Get These Beers While You Can!


I'm a Restaurant Worker Against $15 Now

I Believe Seattle's Restaurant Industry Would Suffer, to Say Nothing of What I Believe It Would Do to Job Prospects for Young People of Color

It's Not a Tip Credit, It's a Tip Penalty

And Here's Why It's Bad for Employers and Workers—Especially Women

I'm in Favor of a Tip Credit

It's Not Just Restaurant Owners Who Want a Tip Credit—Servers Like Me Do, Too

Council Member Sawant, Can We Talk?

An Open Letter from a Small-Business Owner Who Voted for You


The Secret Struggle of a Star Chef Killed by Police

Friends of Cody Spafford Want to Know: Why Did He Have to Die?

Last Days

The Week in Review

I Love Television

Fargo Pros, Fargo Cons


Dave Eggers and Maria Semple

Tom Spanbauer

The Angel Band Project

‘Talking Shit’

‘Finding Trust’

‘Winners and Losers’

‘Jodorowsky’s Dune’

Think & Drink: Race and Politics

Restaurant Roux