Print Edition for the week of
May. 7 - 13, 2014

Vol. 23, No. 36

Savage Love

Boundary Disputes

New Column!

I, Anonymous

To Sir, with Hate


Now That's What I Call HUMP!

The Greatest Hits of the Beloved Amateur Porn Festival Take a Victory Lap

Historical YA

A Stirring Sort-of-Documentary About the Invention of the Teenager

Car and Driver

Locke Is a Quiet, Intimate, Personal Apocalypse


TransCinema 2014


What's Crappening?

News, Reviews, and Twins

RiFF RAFF Needs His Own Roller Coaster

After I Got Off the Phone with RiFF RAFF, I Got on the Phone with Six Flags

Sunburst Finish

Revered British Psych Band Loop Return for One Last Blast

Data Breaker

The Homosexual Agenda

My Philosophy

Who's It On?

Poster of the Week



A Room with a View Is on the Verge of Being a Great Musical

There’s Room for Improvement, but Louis Hobson Is in the Role of His Lifetime

Republicans and Climate Change, 20 Years After Angels in America

An Interview with Tony Kushner

The Strange, Dystopian Poetry of Returning to Albert Joseph

Caring Is Subversive in the Satori Group's Latest World Premiere

The Loves of His Life

Speight Jenkins Says Good-bye to Seattle Opera with The Tales of Hoffmann

Free Will Astrology

For the Week of May 7

Visual Art

To Break Even in Seattle Art, Your Paintings Have to Be Made in China

William Powhida Walks the Line Between Exploiter and Exploited on May Day


The Noble Hustle Hits Rock Bottom

Colson Whitehead's Poker Memoir Explores the High-Stakes World of Low-Grade Depression

Food & Drink

Chow Bio

Tall Tales at Polar Cafe

Seattle Beer Week Is Paradise

A History of the City's Beeriest Week of the Year, Plus Some Suggestions for Maximal Enjoyment

Now Open

New Places for Stuffing Faces


Remembering Jerry Manning

What Made Seattle Repertory Theatre's Beloved Artistic Director So Beloved? Members of the Theater Community Tell Their Stories


$15 Now What?

The whole country is watching, and the mayor has a plan. But Seattle's history-making wage hike is still a long way from reality.

News Shorts

News, Gossip, and Class War

Last Days

The Week in Review

I Love Television

Oh the Horrors!


1, 2, 3 Grow a Garden

Backstreet Boys

Sriracha and the Mariners


Heartland RIP Fest

‘The Green Prince’

‘My Last Year with the Nuns’

Abby Inpanbutr