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Sep. 9 - 15, 1999

Vol. 8, No. 51

Savage Love

Pussy Galore

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The Third and Final Installment of the Insanely Popular...


Shop Talk and Scares

David Koepp Creates a Stir

Death of a Character Actor

In Memory of Brion James

Lovely Portraits of Brutality

The Artful Violence of Takeshi Kitano

Tragedy of the Moment

More Chaos in the Former Yugoslavia

Best of the Best

The Top 10 of the Last 10 Decades

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I, Anonymous


Happy to Decline

Ganger Skips the Post Rock Party

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It's a Goat, It's a Snake, It's Kristin Hersh

Burrito Supreme

Tenacious D Will Rawk Your Socks Off

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More Music Listings

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Actually Funny

Northwest Actors Studio Pulls One Off

Excruciatingly '70s

David and Lisa Koch's Disco Parody, Work of Satan

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God's Own Amusement Park

You Must Be This Tall for Eternal Salvation

Sign Language

Meaning and Nothingness


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The Color of the Game

David Shields' Hoop Dreams

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Aladdin Gyrocery

Gyro Worship


There Goes the Neighborhood

UW Determined to Screw Up Light Rail Plan

Landlord Retaliation

Local Landlord Challenges City's Power to Regulate Rents


Our crack team of crack-addled city council junkies take on Chong & Choe, Freeman & Carter, and Wills & Nicastro in an All-Star Primary Roundup! Clip 'n' save your primary cheat sheet!

Police Beat

Hell to Pay

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