Print Edition for the week of
Dec. 16 - 22, 2004

Vol. 14, No. 14

Savage Love

Expert, Schmexpert

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The Great War

'Amélie' Follow-Up 'Very Long' on Charm


'KOTOR 2' Siths It Up

Blow Up

Christmas Traditions

Hail to the Chief

'The West Wing' Complete Third Season

(Slightly) Less Than 'Hero'

Yimou Zhang's Latest Offers Diminishing Returns

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Blood Simple

Local Producer Turns On, Pops Out

Hallow Dolly

Ponderin' Country's Brainiest Beauty

Trance African Express

Portable's Fever-Dream House

Can über Alles

Kraut-Rock Geniuses Revisited

Gwen Stefani = Gay Worship

Let's Hear It for the New Homo Hero

Cinema for the Ears

Jon Brion's Jump-Cut Genius



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Party Crasher

She Wouldn't Suck My Dick


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Scrapbook Chemistry Ghosts

Love Hurts

Actress Takes a Spill, Audience Gets a Scare at Brown Derby's 'Showgirls'

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Thom Heileson's Photographs Document Decay

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An Expletive Has Been Uttered

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A Chocolate Cake Taste-Off

Smokin' Pete's BBQ

Smoked Meat Vatican

Eatin' Out


The Urban Ultimatum

When Northgate activists used city rules to save an empty lot from smart development, Northgate resident Peter Steinbrueck fought the NIMBYs in his own neighborhood--and on the city council--to change those rules and build a smarter city.

How Capitol Hill Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Density

Letter From Portland

Brown at the Edges with a Chewy White Center

Strangercrombie 2004

Left Behind

Anti-Nickels Activists Come Up Short

The Anarchists Who Stole Xmas

Drunken Santas Come to Town

Pinup Boys

Mercer Island High School Water Polo Team Takes It Off to Raise Money

The Other Recount

Suspicions About Elections Fraud Persist

In The Hall

All Fired Up

Counter Intel

Propaganda of the Year

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Police Beat

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Control Tower

A Night at the Wet Spot

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