Print Edition for the week of
Jul. 23 - 29, 2014

Vol. 23, No. 47

Savage Love

New Column!

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The Audacious, Awesome Gimmick of Boyhood

Richard Linkater Uses Time as a Special Effect in a Different Kind of Summer Blockbuster

With Semi-Respect to Nat

Hentoff Documentary Shows the Weak Side of a Great Jazz Critic

The Eyes Have It

I Origins Sees Your Pun, Raises Ludicrousness

I, Anonymous

Blow It Out Your E-Ass


Rest in Power, Bobby Womack

The Heavy Life of the Bravest Man in the Universe

My Philosophy

Digging Extra Hard for the Good Stuff

Shabazz Palaces Have Made the Best Album of the Year

Lese Majesty Is Like Echoes from the Future Ghost of Our Planet

The Homosexual Agenda

Drag Race's Bianca Del Rio Came All This Way to See You—You Better Fucking Go!

Data Breaker

Sound Check

The War on Drugs' Adam Granduciel Discusses the Joys of Hitting the Wrong Pedal

Poster of the Week


Free Will Astrology

For the Week of July 23


The Problem with The Mikado

Why Are People So Worked Up About This Year’s Production of Gilbert and Sullivan’s Comic Opera?

Theater Schmeater Returns with a Silly Wayne Rawley Comedy

Their First Show in Their New Space Is the Horror Farce Attack of the Killer Murder... of Death!


Me and You and Boeing and Everyone We Know

The New Way of the World Shows How People Have Become Corporations

Emily Gould Was a Gawker Star—How's Her Novel?

Friendship Is About Women and Friendship; Friendship Isn’t About Blogging or Men

Food & Drink

Damn the Weather Is Damn Good

Smart Cocktails and Food That Deserves an Exclamation Point

Now Open: Pork Knuckles, Jazz, and More

New Places for Stuffing Faces

Chow Bio

Drinking Local at the Ballard Beer Company

Wine Not Wine

White Wine Spritzers Blow Your Mind!


Capitol Hill Block Party 2014

What We Think of Every Single Band Playing Block Party This Year

Where Does Your Legal Weed Come From?

Inside Three Upstart Pot Farms: An Indoor Farm, an Outdoor Farm, and a Hybrid


A Win for Affordable Housing in the Central District

Now What About the Rest of the City?

Pot Activist May Fight Socialist in Capitol Hill's First City Council Race

In Seattle's New 3rd District, It's Looking Like Alison Holcomb vs. Kshama Sawant

News Shorts

News, Gossip, and Public Financing

Last Days

The Week in Review


Michael Owcharuk


‘Dirty Dancing’ Outdoors!

Use Yr Words: Comedy/Variety Benefit for I-594

Summit Block Party

Kayaking on Lake Union

Murakami Midnight Madness

Juicy J

I Love Television

Cracking the Code