Print Edition for the week of
Aug. 27 - Sep. 2, 2014

Vol. 23, No. 52
Bumbershoot Guide 2014

Savage Love

Working Out the Kinks

I, Anonymous


The Huge Life of Afrobeat God Fela Kuti

Witness the Unbelievable Existence of a Revolutionary African Musician in Finding Fela

A Five Star Life Lived in Hotels, An Expedition to the End of the World, The Trip to Italy, and a Song of the New Earth

Tripping Out with Four Films Opening Friday, August 29


Enough About Their Rapping, How About Their Food?

Six Local Rappers Cheffing Up Something Marvelous

Scene and Heard

Music News from the 206 and Beyond


My Philosophy

Summer Don't Love Me No More

Data Breaker


The Homosexual Agenda

Poster of the Week


Black Comedy Requires Actors to Walk into Walls and Fall a Lot

Strawberry Theatre Workshop Does Peter Shaffer’s 1965 Slapstick, with a Lights-Out Premise and a Hilarious Theatrical History

Free Will Astrology

For the Week of August 27


Can Haruki Murakami Learn New Tricks?

Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki Is an Emotional Milestone

Food & Drink

Ivar's Versus Ethan Stowell

The Fish 'n' Chips Face-Off

Shift Drink

Two Great Bars, Two Blocks Apart


Behind-the-Scenes Photos of a Bunch of Marijuana Grows

Fifteen Photos of the Things You Need to Make a Pot Farm Run Right: Surveillance Equipment, Lighting, Fences, Monitoring Appliances, Ventilation, and Ladybugs—Yeah, Ladybugs


Religious Fanatic Claims to Have Murdered Gay Men

Ali Muhammad Brown Says He Shot Dwone Anderson-Young and Ahmed Said Because the US Is "Evil"

I Love Television

Damned by the Bell

Drunk of the Week


Nights of Genius

Nights of Genius

The Numero Group

Vikram Chandra

‘Richard Renaldi: Touching Strangers’

Katy Perry


Lil Wayne vs. Drake

An Excerpt from ‘Happy Days’

‘Love Is Strange’

Bumbershoot 2014

The Convoluted State of the Wu-Tang Clan

What's Become of the Hiphop Dream Dynasty?

The Afghan Whigs Are Back with a Magnificent Beast

Greg Dulli on the Band's New Album and the Wraiths in Us All

A Master Class in Comedy with the Onion, The Simpsons, and More

Bumbershoot Is Funnier (and Smarter About Being Funny) This Year Than Ever Before

An Illustrated Guide to Elvis Costello

LOL-apalooza! A Guide to Bumbershoot's Comedy Offerings

The Lineup Is So Good, It Makes Up for That Crappy Headline

Disorienting, Hilarious Negativland Will Dazzle and Enlighten You

An Interview with a God-Agitating Member of the Highly Experimental Group

Shabazz Palaces' Tendai Maraire Keeps Zimbabwe's War for Independence Alive

His Project Chimurenga Renaissance Is Revolutionary

Maybe Don't Wear a Warbonnet to the First-Ever All-Native Art Exhibit at Bumbershoot

And Don't Trip Over Custer

An Illustrated Guide to Jonathan Richman

An Illustrated Guide to the Replacements

Comedian Pete Holmes Versus Seattle City Attorney Pete Holmes

Which One Is Funnier?

The New Age of New Age

Julianna Barwick Makes Ambient Music Human

Never Heard of 'Em vs. Heard of 'Em

Our City Hall Reporter Listens to Big Star for the First Time and Our Biggest Music Nerd Responds

My Best Friend's Little Sister Still Likes Panic! at the Disco

Here, She Tells Us All Why

Match the Best/Worst/Weirdest Rap Lyrics You'll Hear at Bumbershoot with the Rapper Who Will Rap Them at You