Print Edition for the week of
Nov. 19 - 25, 2014

Vol. 24, No. 12

Savage Love

Sticking Points

I, Anonymous


If the New Cinerama Can't Save Movie Theaters, Nothing Can

Paul Allen's Wizards Go Deep on 21st-Century Entertainment Technology

Jennifer Lawrence, the Reluctant Revolutionary

Mockingjay Does a Better Job of Conveying the War-Is-Hell Message Than This Year’s Oscar-Bait World War II Movie Fury

European Vacation

Force Majeure Is Not-So-Fun for the Whole Family!

Low Down: The Great Glenn Close Plays the Mother of a Broken Jazz Pianist

Pulp: A Documentary About a Britpop Band That’s Better Than Blur

Through a Lens Darkly: This Documentary About the Representations of African Americans in Photographs Will Make You Wonder About Beyonce and Jay Z's Mona Lisa Pic


Hebrew Rockabilly in the USA

Israeli Musician Charlie Megira Fights Crimes Against Rock 'n' Roll

Data Breaker

Scene and Heard

Music News from the 206 and Beyond

Jeff Bridges Can't Stop the Dude from Slipping Out

An Interview with Jeff Bridges, Touring Musician

The Homosexual Agenda

Never Heard of 'Em

Syd Barrett

My Philosophy

Landlord's Delight

Poster of the Week


Escaping the Search for Meaning in Dance

Experimental Choreographer Tere O'Connor Embraces the Ambiguity

Clarity Is a Useful Fiction

An Interview with Choreographer Tere O’Connor

Free Will Astrology

For the Week of Nov 19

Visual Art

Skyping with Video Pioneers Steina and Woody Vasulka

Cornish Presents Their First Seattle Show in Three Decades


Every Book Is Someone's Last Book

The Secret Life (and Death) Seething Under the Skin of The Book of Strange New Things

Food & Drink

Who Makes Seattle’s Best Sandwich Now?

Here’s Where to Fill the Paseo-Shaped Vacancy in Your Sandwich Hole


I Ate a Baby-Sized Burrito


The Time I Spent Nine Hours in Jail

It Wasn't for Any Good Reason, It Was for the Dumbest Reason Imaginable


Washington State Is Flying Blind in a Storm of Corporate Tax Breaks

We Often Don't Know Who Gets Them, Why They Were Created, and What We Get in Return. Why Is Olympia Keeping This Secret?

Last Days

The Week in Review

I Love Television