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Apr. 14 - 20, 2005

Vol. 14, No. 31

Savage Love

R.I.P. J.P. II

New Column!


Chinatown Is the Greatest Film of All Time

Polanski and Towne's Masterpiece Turns 31

Tom Clancy's Surprising Sensuality

Hell Is for Children

'Turtles Can Fly' Feels Like the End of the World

Blow Up

Vote for Pope

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Movie Times


Desert Storm

Queens of the Stone Age's New Lullaby

Glacial Pacing

Asva's Steady Metal Shifts

The Expansive Imagination of Regina Spektor's Soviet Kitsch

The Breakup Bounty

The Wedding Present Play It Close to the Heart



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Fabric Cocoons, an Orange Prison Jumpsuit, and Stoned Boys in a Mall

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Binders and Blood

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Black Is Beautiful

Chakaia Booker's Rubber Soul

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Everything Is Obliterated

Jonathan Safran Foer's Inventive (and Hated) New Novel

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Sexy, Sexy, Sexy!

Crush Makes You Want It

Bigger Is Better

Quick and Skimpy Burrito Takeout

Eatin' Out


Band of the Rising Sun

On a trip that could've been scripted for a Hollywood blockbuster, breakout Seattle septet U.S.E trigger mass mania in Japan.

Hot Town

The Third Annua lSeattle Erotic Art Festival

Othello, the Tragedy

Mayor Nickels Delivers Political Charm but Little Else to Neighborhood Rocked by Recent Murder

Republican Fink

Blame this Eastside GOP "Moderate" if Gay Rights Bill Dies

In The Hall

Like Gangbusters

Counter Intel

Pressing Appointments

Sound Bite

Fatal Blow

In Other Neighborhoods

Capitol Offense

Math Problem

State Treasurer Sounds Alarm on Monorail Finances

Police Beat

A Force of Nature

Bad Vibrations

'Seattle Weekly' Cuts Toys in Babeland Ad

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