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Apr. 28 - May. 4, 2005

Vol. 14, No. 33

Savage Love

15 Going on 16

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Back and Forth

A Man, a Plan, a Canal: 'Palindromes'!

Goodnight, Nintendo

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Mellow Doubt

Mercury Rev's Long, Slow Descent

Men of Steel

Unsane Are the Toughest Motherfuckers Ever

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Lyrics Born's Mosaic Creations


The Insurgence CD Release

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Two Surprisingly Great Musicals and Some Domesticated Dance

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Killing Time

Sarah Vowell Gives Voice to History

What The?

Two Authors and a Band Walk into a Bar

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Axis of Yummy

Persian Food Comes to Belltown

A Force for Good

Wine and Snacks, Sans Snobbery

Eatin' Out


Mean Streets

Will Seattle Get Serious About Making the Roads Safe for Bikes?

Suspect Senator

Is Democratic State Senator Tim Sheldon--the Conservative Democrat Who Killed the Gay Rights Bill--Illegally Impersonating a State Legislator?


Minister and Microsoft Executive Offer Wildly Different Versions of Meeting

Counter Intel

Microsoft Recruits


What You Can Do to Punish Microsoft for Abandoning Civil Rights

Miller Time

Residents in Miller Park Scoff at City Counci Crime Summit

In The Hall

Culture Clash

Radio Interference

Seattle's 96.5 K-ROCK Abruptly Switches Formats... Again

Found Art

Stolen-Art Show Finds a Home

Sound Bite



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More Advice to 15 Year-Old Girls

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Control Tower


Celebrity I Saw U

¡Moleste Me Perro!

I Love Television

The Resurrection


'Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room'

Sarah Vowell

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Pete Greenberg Has a Posse

'Purple Rain' Sing-Along

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Street Eats

Takin' It to the Streets

Outdoor Eating Makes a City Feel Like a City

Obstacle Course

Why Seattle Doesn't Have More Street Food

Heavy Metal Hot Dog

In the Trenches with One of Seattle's Favorite Purveyors of Street Food

Loco for Tacos

The Hunt for Al Pastor

Favorite Things

Seattle Chefs Tell Us About Street Food They Love from Around the World and Close to Home

Eatin' Outdoors