Print Edition for the week of
Aug. 27 - Sep. 2, 2009

Vol. 18, No. 50

Savage Love

Thank You

I, Anonymous

Stereotypes Suck


It Might Get Loud: It's About the Music, Maaan

World's Greatest Dad: Pathos Punch

The Answer Man: Talking to God's Face


You've Gotta Join in Demonstrations!

Art House

Technological Warfare


On the Road

Eight Stories About Being in Love While Being on Tour

My Philosophy

Three New Free EPs

Get in the Van

Cruising with Seattle Skate Punks the Spits

Up & Coming

This Week's Noteworthy Shows and Parties

Party Crasher

Peewee Big Top

All Friends, No Foes

Ramona Falls Branches Out from Menomena

Poster of the Week

Trevor Basset


Carousel Festival Comes Around Again

Fucking in the Streets

Park Versus Theme Park

The Score

Mood Organ in the Mail

It's a Hit

New Singles from Wilco, "Weird Al" Yankovic, and More


Broadswords and Breastplates

Seattle Opera's New Production of The Ring

Theater News

Dead Bird Movement

Visual Art


Robert Yoder Wants Somebody

The House That Spite Builds

On Malicious Erection, Everlasting Fights, and Fire's Power

Food & Drink

Accompany Buddies Episode

Courtesy of a Meat-Eater, an Introduction to All-Veg In the Bowl

Bar Exam

Vancouver, BC: The Niceness

The Happiest Hour

Ivar's Salmon House


My Glamorous Life as a Scumbag Drummer

Or, the Mindfuck of Touring While Being in a Relationship


Joe Mallahan Is an Idiot

Any Mayoral Candidate Who Skips Elections and Has No Civic-Leadership Background but Thinks Seattle Is Dumb Enough to Vote for Him Must Be an Idiot

The Big Losers in the Primary Election

Last Days

The Week in Review


'Cold Souls'

Al Green

Carousel Festival

'Afghan Star'

'Penguins: Episode One'

Drawings by Toshi Asai

'Inglourious Basterds'

Harvey Danger

I Love Television

I Love Schmader

My So-Called Hell

Control Tower

Ruined for Life

Public Editor

The Stranger: A Critical Overview

Drunk of the Week

Mercado and Mel

Crossword Solution

Questions for the Death Panels (Aug. 27)

Crossword Puzzle

This Week's Puzzle

Questions for the Death Panels (Aug. 27)