Print Edition for the week of
Dec. 17 - 23, 2014

Vol. 23, No. 16

Savage Love

At the Neptune


I, Anonymous

You Are Not My Mother


Who Should Be Crowned Drunk of the Year?

Scene and Heard

Music News from the 206 and Beyond

Is Swedish Rapper Yung Lean a Genius or a Gentrifier?

He Doesn't Care and Neither Do His Fans

My Philosophy

Extended Player, Player

Never Heard of 'Em

The Magnetic Fields

Data Breaker

The Homosexual Agenda

Poster of the Week

Free Will Astrology

For the Week of Dec 17


Seattle Rep's Epic LBJ Play The Great Society Tries to Contain Too Much History in Too Little Time

A Brilliant Production That Suffers from Its Own Audacious Ambition


Writing About Shopping: Women in Clothes and A Bunch of Pretty Things I Did Not Buy Defy Fashion Lit Stereotypes

Everybody Wears Clothes, So Why Are We Ashamed to Write About Them?

Food & Drink

Nate's Wings & Waffles Is Always Good and Sometimes Unfuckwithably Great

NBA Slam-Dunk Champ Nate Robinson's Rainier Beach Restaurant Doesn't Mess Around


Investigating Market House Meats' Claim of "SEATTLE'S BEST REUBEN"


Eden Was a Scary Movie About Sex-Trafficking Based on a True Story—Or Was It?

What does art that claims to be "based on a true story" owe its audience? When the "true" part gets called into question, and the art-makers go silent, what are we supposed to think?


Why Does the Mayor Want to Put Your Weed Delivery Guy Out of Business?

Blame Legalization

Is the Seattle Police Intelligence Auditor Doing His Job?

Meet the Auditor Who Rarely Presents His Own Audits

Last Days

Last Days: The Week in Review

Exposed Torture, Impassioned Protest, and More Cosby Creepiness

I Love Television

The Only Gift You're Gonna Get!