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May. 19 - 25, 2005

Vol. 14, No. 36

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‘Revenge of the Sith’ Awakens a Sleeping Fanboy

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Comedians Take Up the Case of the Underage

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Does Juliette Lewis Act like a Rocker, Rock like an Actor, or Just Kick Ass?

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Sightings’ Noise of Bummer

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Music Appreciation with Trail of Dead

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Goldie Hawn Was Sent to Us by God

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Justin Neidermeyer Is a Pasta Perfectionist

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The Young and the Godly

Seattle Is a Secular Bastion, but for How Much Longer?


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Business Lobbyist Bankrolls “Grassroots” Campaign

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Amateurs Launch Attack Against Seattle’s Postering Giant

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Half Baked

Sound Bite

State of Emergency

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Is Steinbrueck Stalling Heights Proposal?

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Finally, Gubernatorial Contest Heads to Court

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Religion Comes Out at Sentencing of Micah Painter’s Convicted Gay Bashers

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