Print Edition for the week of
Sep. 3 - 9, 2009

Vol. 18, No. 51

Savage Love

Sorority Girls

New Column!


Extract: Kinder, Gentler

Il Divo: Ill Communication

My One and Only: Look at the Cute Dresses!




Barton Funk in the Soundgarden of Eden

How Wheedle's Groove Revived Old-School Seattle Soul

Forget Me Not

Singer-Songwriter Cass McCombs's Underrated Brilliance

Party Crasher

Swing Your Partner, Not Your Beer

Data Breaker

Dialing In's Dirty, Divine (De)compositions

Fucking in the Streets

Modest Mouse: Objectively Great

It's a Hit

New Singles from Ne-Yo, Vibes, Heartland, and More

My Philosophy

Who Is Victor Shade?

Poster of the Week

Protey Temen at the Seattle-Moscow Poster Show

The Score


Up & Coming

This Week's Noteworthy Shows and Parties


Best of Bumbershoot

Visual Art

The Son of N. C. Wyeth and Some Lady

Andrew Wyeth Is, Pervertedly (Not Prettily), Just Like Us

Yeats Motel

Cornish College of the Arts Finally Has Dorms—in Those Creepy Old Motels in Denny Triangle


Constant Reader

Original Gangster

Foucault Versus the Teabaggers

What a New Book of Old Lectures Says About America's Health-Care Freak-out

Food & Drink

Happiest Hour

Capitol Hill's 611 Supreme

'Top Chef': An Interview

Branzino's Ashley Merriman on Being Horrified, Making Mistakes, the Rumors, the Other Chefs, and Why This Season Kicks Ass


"Why Do You Hate Me?"

What happens when a faggot asks people who gave time and money to support anti-gay Referendum 71 the most basic question?



How the Mayor Blew It on Youth Violence

Coke, Cops, and 23rd Avenue

Is the City's New Initiative for Drug Dealers Working?

Tim Eyman's Latest Attempt to Fuck Over the State

Initiative 1033 Sounds Good, but Its Consequences Would Be Disastrous

Powder Panic

Deadly Cocaine Turning Up in Seattle

Crossword Solution

Fill 'Er Up (Sept. 3)

Crossword Puzzle

This Week's Puzzle

Fill 'Er Up (Sept. 3)

Illustrated Comment of the Week

Dear Science

Drunk of the Week

Public Editor

The Stranger: A Critical Overview

I Love Television

Good vs. Eeeeeevil

Last Days

The Week in Review


Electric Boat Ride

'American Beauty'

3-Day Novel Contest

'District 9'

Daniel Johnston


Outrageous Cherry

Paul and Richard

Bumbershoot Guide

Previews of Every Single Thing Happening at the Festival

Bumbershoot 2009

An Overview

Emerald Shitty

What Makes U.S.E—the World's Happiest Band—Frown?

Surviving a Nuclear Winter

The Lonely Forest's Year of Magical Singing

De La Soul for Life

The Enduring Holy Trinity of Hiphop

Weird to Your Mother

You Owe It to Yourself to See Gang Gang Dance and Holy Fuck

Hawthorne Heights

The Surprising Soul of Mayer Hawthorne

What the Hell Is the Black Atom!?

The Whore Moans Attempt to Explain Their Vaudeville Garage-Punk Soul Revue

Everything Goes Just Wrong Enough

Vivian Girls' Dreamy, Divisive Garage-Pop Racket

Our Jamaican Guys

Singing the Praises of the Prolific Sly & Robbie Is the Easiest Thing in the World

White Noise

Five Theses on Stuff White People Like

Imagine There's No Judgment

The Art Grants That Yield the Most Art Ever