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Jun. 2 - 8, 2005

Vol. 14, No. 38

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Declaring War on Seattle’s Mushy Muffins, Sorry Scones, and Bran Briquettes

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Eatin' Out


Skate Mom

Kate Martin is pushing the city to build safe, centrally located skateparks for all of Seattle's skaters. Until those parks are built Martin's kids—and her neighbors' kids—skate in a park she built for them in her own front yard.

Sound and Fury

Air America Fights For Liberals and Other Losers.


Bike Messengers

Anonymous Bikers Raise Awareness of Seattle’s Danger Zones

Counter Intel

Honor Deep Throat: Name Names

Defying Wi-Fi

Capitol Hill Cafe Pulls the Plug on Free Internet Access

Dino Lossi

Wenatchee Judge Thumps Republicans

Zoning For Dollars

When activists complain about density, Nickels slaps them down. When developers complain, Nickels backs down.

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Outsourcing Education

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