Print Edition for the week of
Feb. 18 - 24, 2015

Vol. 24, No. 25

Savage Love

Daddy Issues


Film Rock Stars

The Best, Worst, and Weirdest Films Starring Musicians Playing Loose Variations on Themselves

Girlhood: A Black Teenager Experiences a Perfect Moment in This Very Good French Movie

Struggling in Seattle, Big in Japan

Filmmaker John Jeffcoat on His Effort to Bring Tennis Pro to the World Stage

John Jeffcoat Serves an Ace Comedy-Road Film with Big in Japan

Seattle Band Tennis Pro Bumbles Charmingly in Tokyo

MacFarland, USA: After Kevin Costner Saved Black People in Black or White, He Sets His Sights on Improving the Lot of Latinos

Hard to Be a God: A Science-Fiction Film Set in the Middle Ages

Gangs of Wasseypur: Bollywood Takes on The Godfather in This Five-Hour Crime Drama

Hot Tub Time Machine 2 Should Be Cleaned Out with Bleach

Cusack-less Bore Proves Time-Traveling Movie Sequels Are Never a Good Idea

Hope and Dread

Living Under Islamist Rule inTimbuktu

What We Do in the Shadows: As Zombie Films Become Too Numerous and Predictable, Vampire Films Are Getting Interesting

The Duff: Even the Actually-Funny Mae Whitman Can’t Improve on the Prom Genre

I, Anonymous

Cut, Print!


Karl Denson's Not-So-Tiny Universe

The Sax Legend Talks Beastie Boys, Run-DMC, and Seeing Mick Jagger's "Busy Face" (Ewww)

The High List: Recommended Events (and Nearby Snacks) for Stoners

Down for Slutever… and more!

My Philosophy

Okay, Let's Talk About the Grammys and Kanye

Never Heard of 'Em

The Go-Go's

Data Breaker

Mndsgn's Down-Tempo Meditations, Michna's Head-Nod-in-the-Clouds Music

Scene and Heard

Music News from the 206 and Beyond

The Homosexual Agenda

Arthaus Drag Battle Royale, Dickslap, and Cherdonna Shinatra Hosts the Best Oscar Party in the City

Colleen Green on Love, Addiction, and iPhones

And Why She Doesn't Need a Drummer to Be Better Than Sum 41

Poster of the Week


The Problem with Diva Worship

My Embarrassing Encounter with Stephanie Blythe, Star of Seattle Opera’s Semele

Re-bar at 25

Transgressive Performance, Dance-Floor-Packing DJs, and Kicking Nirvana Out of Their Own Party

Carousel Is a Super Weird Musical

But the 5th Ave Theatre Does It Beautifully

Free Will Astrology

For the Week of Feb 18

Food & Drink

Eater's Digest


Cafe Paloma Triumphs Over the Curse of the Panini

The Crankiest Italian Restaurateur in Seattle

Pino Rogano May Tell You What to Order, but You'll Like It Anyway


Why the Republicans' Pot Bill Is Scaring Medical Marijuana Activists

The Proposed Law Would Vaporize the Medicinal Market and Create a Patient Registry. Here's How to Fix It.

Five Things We Should Do Right Now to Improve Police Oversight in Seattle

The Case of SPD Officer Cynthia Whitlatch Shows That Police Oversight in Seattle Needs to Be Radically Improved

I Love Television

"I'mma Let You Finish"

Last Days

Last Days: The Week in Review

Shame-Free Strangers, Antiracist FBI Directors, and Two Stories So Awful We Can't Breezily Summarize Them

That Sinking Feeling

The Viaduct Is Still Sinking—A Full-On Stranger Panic Attack

The Soil Is Unstable, the Drill Is Stuck, and the Timing of Our Next Major Earthquake Is Uncertain—So Pop a Xanax and Dig In!

Remember Those People Who Wanted to Turn the Viaduct into an Elevated Park?

They're Still Trying to Do That

Why It's So Cold Between the Viaduct and the Waterfront

I'm Not Talking About the Coldness of Construction Machinery—the Ground Itself Is Literally Freezing

To Test the Viaduct's Sturdiness, I Rode a Bus on It and Jumped Up and Down

The View of the Viaduct from the OK Hotel

What Is It Like to Live 12 Feet from a Roaring Highway?

Driving on the Viaduct While Imagining It Collapsing

Is the Alaskan Way Viaduct Another Cypress Freeway Disaster Waiting to Happen?

The Ugliest Walk in Seattle Is the Walk Under the Viaduct

I Swear to God, It's So Ugly, It Just Might Kill You

Are You There Immanuel Kant? It's Me, Bertha

Here's What the Dead German Philosopher Would Say About That Drill Stuck Under Seattle's Waterfront

Trying to Detect Soil Settlement Near the Viaduct with My Own Body

The state department of transportation is being cagey about what is happening to the soil. So I went down there to suss things out the old-fashioned way.

Advice to the Viaduct from Other Seattle Landmarks

Double-Decker Death Trap Coloring Project! Fill Out This Picture of the Viaduct and Send It to Us

Use Your Imagination to Fill in the Spaces, Send Us Your Artwork, and We'll Publish the Best One in The Stranger