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Jun. 23 - 29, 2005

Vol. 14, No. 41

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‘Heights’ Brings New Life to the Rich and Filthy

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‘Bewitched’ Is the Opposite of Cute

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Reflections of a Liar

A Fallen Journalist Stares into the Face of a Killer and Sort of Sees Himself

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Sour and Sweet on Beacon Hill

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Queen Anne Cafe Can Do Better

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Taxing Agency

Final Monorail Plan Released Under Financial Cloud

Role Reversal

Neighbors Want Density; Why Is Nickels Balking?

In the Hall

Wrong Turns

Rent Check

County Labor Council Assails Anti-Gay Tenant

Counter Intel


Sound Bite

Tokin’ Conservative

Far Reichert

Congressman Dave Reichert Tries to Hide the Elephant in the Room


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Control Tower

Control Tower & Kink Calendar

Submissive? Not Really

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Letters to the Editor

Marching Orders For...

Marching Orders

The Stranger's Queer Issue 2005

The Gay Marriage Movement

Standing Our Ground During the Backlash Years


We Need to March on Washington D.C. Before the Next President Is Elected

Straight Guys

Got Gay Friends??Stand Up for Them. Got Anti-Gay Friends? Why?


Stop Trying So Damn Hard to Look So Damn Ugly

Crystal Meth Dealers

From Peter Staley, AIDS Activist and Recovering Meth Addict

Gay Drug Users

Do the Right Drugs, the Right Way

Queer Health

Five Things You Can Do to Fight HIV/AIDS

Gay Parents

You’re Not Normal and Neither Are Your Kids

Gay Sex Workers

Being a male escort is not just a job, it’s an adventure. But it’s one that comes with special risks—and special responsibilities.

The Writers of 'The L Word'

Some Advice for the Next Season of TV’s lesbian soap.

Gay People Who Have to Go to a Lot of Straight People's Weddings and Baby Showers

Wedding Fags! Don’t just stand there! Or fly there,?or dance there. Say something!

Seattle Homos

Support the LGBT Community Center


And All Those Who Don’t “Believe” Them

The Media

The Anti-Gay “Love Won Out” Conference Comes to Seattle this Weekend. Will the Seattle Media Help Spread the Lies?

Gay Rights Groups

Volunteer, Give, Act, Enlist.

Pride Calendar