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Jun. 30 - Jul. 6, 2005

Vol. 14, No. 42

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Robert Wilson’s Loud Genius Usurps Isamu Noguchi’s Quiet Creations

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Matt Briggs Follows His Daring ‘Misplaced Alice’ with a Sloppy and Uneven Collection


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Back to the Voters

Seattle Needs Elevated Rapid Transit. But we don’t need to pay $11 billion for it. Scrap the finance plan, fire the agency heads, and face the voters one last time.

Victory is Ours

A Majority of Americans Now Oppose George Bush’s War. It’s a Bitter Victory for Those Who Opposed the War All Along.


Thou Shalt Not

Eastside Public School Violates Separation of Church and State, Issues Religious Commandments to Preschoolers

Raising the Bar

South Park Residents Inaugurate Happy Hour Protest

Police Beat

As the Saying Goes

Counter Intel

The Monorail

Jesus Hates You

Christians Rationalize Bigotry at “Love Won Out”

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New Justice Department Internet Regulations


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