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Jul. 28 - Aug. 3, 2005

Vol. 14, No. 46

Savage Love

How They Like Eet


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Blow Up

Summer School

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Border Radio

Roots & Americana

Teenage Fanclub Keep the Pop Burning Bright

Family Matters

Femi Kuti’s Black Pop Metropolis

Up & Coming

Party Crasher

Snake Pits and Po’Boyz

DAte, Place, Time

Sonic Satanism

Mötley Crüe Continue Inspiring Evil

Hungry for the Heartache

The Starvations Grease Up the Grim

All Ages Action

The Score

Classical, Jazz & Avant

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Emphasis on Roll

Space Is Displaced

Metalux Fry You to the Moon

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All Cities Dream

An Excerpt from ‘Invincible Summer’

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Trimpin’s Breathing Monster

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Spy Vs. Spy

Third-Rate Burglars Meet First-Rate Operative

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Food & Drink

The Grill from Ipanema

Rodizio Made Easy-o

Bar Exam

An Experiment


Unwelcome Homes

Monster Mansions Prepare to Take Over the Central District

Capitol Hill Block Party 2005


We Asked, He Told

On the Trail of Washington’s Supposedly Closeted State Senator

In the Hall

The Unthinkable

Counter Intel

Soulless in Seattle

Last Hill

Sound Transit Weighs Dollars vs. Density

Access Denied

Comcast Talks Threaten Homegrown TV

Police Beat

Turning Out the Same

Strippergate in Suits

South Lake Union Cash Warrants Attention

Letters to the Editor

Last Days

The Week in Review

I Love Television

I ♥ Television

Worst. TV Week. Ever.

Celebrity I Saw U

Gravid Blubberings

Control Tower

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“Dear Mistress” Letters


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