Print Edition for the week of
May. 17 - 23, 2007

Vol. 16, No. 36

Savage Love

Cancer Sucks

I, Anonymous


On Screen

This Week's New Releases

Freshness Dated

A Review of Shrek the Third

Chaos on DVD

The War Tapes

Extinction on DVD

Dinosaurs: The Third and Fourth Seasons


Poster of the Week

My Philosophy

Hiphop Ya Don't Stop


The Good, the Bad, and the Pretty

Party Crasher

A Great Set of Maracas and a Nice Piece of Bass

Bug in the Bassbin

East Coast Boogiemen

Fucking in the Streets

Again, with Passion

I'd Love to Turn You On to Townes Van Zandt

The Score

The Bad Plus

It's the New Style

Adrock Talks the Beastie Boys' New Album, Selling Out, Feeling the Love, and Feeling Himself

Still Stuck in Your Throat

After 25 Years, Fishbone Go on Trying to Break Down the Dummy Wall

Tore Up

Spank Rock DJs Turn the Tables on Fabric Live

Maggot Brain

Aja West's Mind Doesn't Work Like Yours

Album Reviews

Up & Coming


Enduring Death

Still Good After All These Years

Theater News

Visual Art

A Woman, a Sculpture, a Park

Angela Danadjieva Knows More About I-5 Than Anyone Else

In Art News

The Man Who Invited the Canaries


The Great Mexican Chilean Spanish Novel

The Next García Márquez Is Nothing Like García Márquez

New in Books

Food & Drink

Splendor in the Grass

The Agony and Ecstasy of Asparagus Season

Bar Exam

Good Night, Piano Man

Eat & Tell

Fromage à Trois


Car Dealer’s Daughter

This is the story of the last five months of my father’s life. The failings of his deteriorating body, his resistance to living and dying, and my attempts to care for him during this time.


Protection Disorder

Even After Griego Murder, UW Denies Harassment Victim Extra Security for

Police Beat

The Call of the Wild

In Other Neighborhoods. . .

In the Hall

In Suspense

Ground Shift

It's Law: Capacity Isn't Just for Cars Anymore

High Minded

Sophomore Smokes Out UW's Hypocritical Drug Policy


SIFF Notes

Kiddie Korner

Get Your War On

Public Editor

The Stranger: A Critical Overview

Control Tower

Control Tower & Kink Calendar


I Love Television

Busy! Can't Talk!


A Tribute to Howard Bulson

The Killers, Hot Hot Heat

Perfect Sushi

Big Bang Bash


'The Kid Brother'/'Speedy' Double Feature

Miranda July

War Room Second Anniversary Party

Last Days

The Week in Review

Letters to the Editor

Dear Science

King of the Nerds

By Way of Introduction...