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May. 27 - Jun. 2, 2015

Vol. 24, No. 39
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Savage Love

Aced Out

I, Anonymous


The Title of Jessica Hopper's New Music Criticism Collection Made Me Uncomfortable—I'm Glad I Read Past the Cover

My Philosophy

Word to the Mother

Beyond the Pink Flag: Wire's First Three Albums Are Classics. I Just Listened to their 11 Other Albums

I Never Thought I Made Wimpy Ballads: An Interview with Barry Manilow

Related Topics: Organic Broccoli, Omelet Bars, How Success Makes You an Asshole

The High List: Recommended Events for Stoners

Drone Rock! High Art! Trike Race!

Data Breaker

Max Cooper's Highbrow Techno, Briana Marela's Bedroomtronica, Hermitude

The Homosexual Agenda

OutWest in Your Undies, The Uncut Ryan Phillippe, The Turnback Boyz

Poster of the Week

Poster by Mike Klay

Free Will Astrology

For the Week of May 27


Mud Is About Poor People Like Waiting for Godot Is About Hobos

Which Is to Say: Not Very Much at All, Actually

Food & Drink

Manolin Is the Best Kind of Beach Vacation

Seafood-Focused, Latin American–Inspired Dishes from Renee Erickson Alums


Men Who Rock II

Not Only Are These Six Up-and-Coming Male Seattle Musicians Hot, They Also Know How to Play Their Instruments!


My Picnic Was Interrupted by Drones

As Flying Robots Become More Prevalent, Enforcement of Their Usage Is Lax

Why a Young Bellingham Student Spent 63 Hours Strapped to the Anchor Chain of a Shell Arctic Drilling Support Ship

Chiara D'Angelo, 20, Used Memorial Day Weekend to Protest on Behalf of the Planet

Last Days

Last Days: The Week in Review

Spilled Oil, Irish Triumph, and Extraordinarily Offensive Religious Hypocrisy

I Love Television

I Love TV

Hippie Cop!

Drunk of the Week

What Do You Do?