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Jul. 1 - 7, 2015

Vol. 24, No. 44
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Love Wins. Sabrina Elliott

Savage Love


New Column!

What Will You Bolshie Heretics Never Shut Up About Now?

by The Risen Ghost of A. Birch Steen, Stranger Public Editor 2001–2012 and OSHA Board of Governors Member (Retired)


Carol Reed's Classic The Third Man Gets a Slick Digital Restoration

Aloft Is Drama with a Capital D

Ted 2: Thou Shalt Not Breed

The Citizen Kane of Orson Welles Documentaries

Improving on Magician Would Be a Pretty Neat Trick

The Eternal Re-Terminator

Schwarzenegger Is Back (as Promised) in a Loopy Reboot of His Only Great Film

Magic Mike XXL Is the Feminist Male Stripper Movie You've Been Waiting For

Eden Belongs on the Dance Floor

I, Anonymous

More Like XBox ZERO


My Philosophy: Make Juneteenth a Federal Holiday

Trans Am's Pyroclastic Fun

Rolling Sinister and Clean with the Synth-Rock Stallions

Data Breaker

Fake Trade at Lo-Fi, DJ Funk D'Void at Q Nightclub, 1800HaightStreet at Kremwerk

The Homosexual Agenda

DeLouRue Gets Patriotic, Vonnegut Gets Booked, Queer Guerrillas Take the Hill!

Heart Is in the Grooves

Cascade Record Pressing Brings Vinyl Manufacturing to Oregon

The High List: Recommended Events for Stoners

Clear Eyes, Full Toilet, Can't Lose. Plus: Scared of Chaka Reunion!

Big Phone's Machine Intelligence

How Producer/Developer Kenric McDowell Made Seattle's Best Techno Release in a Decade

Free Will Astrology

For the Week of July 1

Visual Art

Big Screen, Big Scream

Chiho Aoshima's 64-Foot-Long Animation Transcends Japanese Neo-Pop


Bleaker Than Bleak House

The Immense Loneliness of Jim Shepard's Holocaust Novel The Book of Aron

Food & Drink

What to Eat (and Not Eat) When You're Backpacking

Whatever You Do, Don't Get the Freeze-Dried Eggs


The Famous (and Not-So-Famous) Writers I Met While Working at Hugo House

And the Writing Advice They Gave Me


Time to Get Rid of the Seattle Police Department's Bad Cops

Police Chief Katheen O'Toole Says She's Willing to Dismiss Problem Officers. One Big Test of That Willingness Is Coming Right Up.

Last Days

Last Days: The Week in Review

Health Care, Marriage Equality, and A-Plus Presidenting

I Love Television

I Love TV

Sharks vs. Weenie Dogs

Drunk of the Week

Chasse and Amy