Print Edition for the week of
Jul. 8 - 14, 2015

Vol. 24, No. 45

Savage Love


New Column!

Unsung Heroes of the Fight for Gay Marriage, Vol. 1

The Straight Guy Who Wore a Dress to a Party in 1994


Who Killed Amy Winehouse?

The Powerful New Documentary Amy Holds Us All Accountable

Attention Must Be Paid to The Tribe

The Unsubtitled Ukrainian Bummer with an All-Deaf Cast Is Grim but Worth It

Felt's Last 20 Minutes Ruined a Perfectly Good Movie

Trading Bodies and Being Dumb with Self/less

I, Anonymous

Broke as Fuck


My Philosophy

Swearing & Church

Acceptance Get a Second Chance

Christian-ish Emo Band's Reunion Attempts to Remove the Irony from Their Name

Black Rhymes Matter

New Music from Silas Blak, SassyBlack, and Cam the Mac

Data Breaker

Detroit Techno Star Kenny Larkin, Noise Yoga, Bankie Phones, Zeeko

The Feel Is There

The Helio Sequence Refuse to Let Perfection Ruin a Good Song

The Homosexual Agenda

Gender Fucking, Disco Yachting, Beer Busting

Poster of the Week

Poster for Villagers

The High List: Recommended Events for Stoners

Myth and Magic Faire, Noise Yoga, and Free Slurpee Day

Free Will Astrology

For the Week of July 8

Visual Art

The Tree Is Just a Context

See Sculptor Dan Webb Reduce a Doug Fir to Sawdust Before Your Very Eyes in Break It Down

Food & Drink

How Is Washington's Drought Affecting Local Farms?

Growing Food in Dry, Hot Conditions Requires Adaptability and a Lot of Drip Tape


How to Get Lost on the Rugged Olympic Coast

Bring a Tide Chart but Leave Your Cell Phone at Home

Where to Swim in Seattle?

Everywhere—Even If You Have to Shower After

The Mean Girls of Summer

What a Vacation in Italy Spent with My Friend's Two Daughters Taught Me About My Own Childless Status

The Summer I Got Drugged—Maybe

The Lesson I Learned Wasn't the One I Expected

How to Swim in a Lake If You Are Afraid of Open Water

Advice from Someone Who Is Afraid of Slimy Things

All of These Secret Seattle Beaches and Parks Belong to You—Use Them!

Exploring the City's Unknown and Underused Public Spaces

A Totally Non-Comprehensive but Semi-Useful Guide to Wild Waves

How to Survive Two Hours at the Water Park

The Top 10 Songs of Summer

Airy Dream Pop, Dark Surf Rock, and Sexy R&B for All Your Barbecues, Parties, and Make-Out Sessions

Vacation: A Chance to Fall in Love and a Chance to Let Go

At 35, I Thought I'd Be Taking the Plunge into Marriage—Instead, I Went to Tulum with a Bunch of Strangers

An International Vacation in Seattle

How to Experience Glimpses of Southern Europe, Asia, and Miami Beach—Without Ever Leaving the City Limits


Washington Just Announced the First Measles Death in the United States in 12 Years. What's Wrong with Us?

State Lawmakers Failed to Close a Loophole for "Personal Belief" Vaccine Exemptions This Session, Leaving It Up to Physicians to Somehow Get Through to Parents

Last Days

Last Days: The Week in Review

Vaccination Sanity, Girl Scout Glory, and the Unfortunate Overlap of Boners and American Flags

I Love Television

I Love TV

Breaking: The Sun Is Hot