Print Edition for the week of
Jul. 22 - 28, 2015

Vol. 24, No. 47
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Digital Special Edition Darin Shuler

Savage Love

Soft Service


The Vibrant, Nuclear-Hued Glow of Tangerine

Two Unplanned Pregnancies in Unexpected

Pixels Wants Your Money, Dweebs

A Hard Day Is a Twisty South Korean Thriller

Can a Documentary Save Black Lives?

The Father of a Murdered Teenager Hopes That 3½ Minutes, 10 Bullets Can and Will

Does Writing About Do I Sound Gay? Make Me Sound Gay?

I, Anonymous


My Philosophy

OG Maco Says Future's Drug Glamour Is Ruining Lives, Tef Poe Declares War on Enemies Who Are Ending Them

The Homosexual Agenda

The Return of the Stay Up Late Show with Rebecca Mmm Davis (and David Schmader) Plus: A Trip to Gay Paris

The Top 10 Acts You Must See at Capitol Hill Block Party

Decoding the Queen Gene in Ratatat's DNA

Evan Mast Talks Brian May, Remixing Björk, and Magnifique, Their First LP in Five Years

Not Going to Capitol Hill Block Party?

Here's What Else Is Going On This Weekend

The High List

Cereal Sculptures, Spock Amok, and Outdoor Cinema

Data Breaker

Salva Goes Mainstream, Kid Simpl's Minimal Chill, and Treat Yo'self to Yousef

Free Will Astrology

For the Week of July 22


To Kill a Mockingbird Will Never Be the Same

I Suffered Through Harper Lee's Go Set a Watchman So You Don't Have To

Food & Drink

A Field Guide to the Vietnamese Deli

Sampling the Mysterious, Unlabeled Items at Saigon Deli and Tammy's Deli & Bakery


Revisiting the Town of the Most Famous Horse Sex Death in Recorded History

Ten Years Later, No One in Enumclaw Wants to Talk About You-Know-What


Finally, Momentum for Greater Density and More Affordable Housing in Seattle

But the Mayor's Housing Committee "Grand Bargain" Does Little to Address Skyrocketing Rents in the Here and Now

Is John Okamoto Trying to Kill a Seattle Rent Control Resolution?

Nick Licata and Kshama Sawant Worry Their Fellow Council Member Is Intentionally Dragging His Feet on Their New Rent Control Measure

Last Days

Last Days: The Week in Review

Well-Armed Lunatics, Suspect Suicide, and Presidential Denunciations of Bill Cosby

I Love Television

I Love TV

Do You Know Who I Am??


Drunk of the Week