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Sep. 1 - 7, 2005

Vol. 14, No. 51

Savage Love

Restrain Yourself

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The Destruction of English Reserve

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Not Persuaded

A Femme Fatale Who Doesn't Fascinate

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Go Big Green

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Reduced to Move

Richie Hawtin Maximizes Minimalism

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Lucky Thirteen

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'Intimate Apparel' Needs Embellishment

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The Art of Disruption

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The 19th Nervous Breakdown

Bret Easton Ellis Battles Demons, Drugs, and a Dead Father

Dawson Does Ellis

James Van Der Beek Reads 'Lunar Park'

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Pre-Flight Meals

Chewing Your Way Through Sea-Tac Airport

Bar Exam

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Eatin' Out


Floating SUVs

The One-Mile-a-Gallon State of Mind

The City of New Orleans

This Is Not a Test

The Federal Government Has Been Rehearsing for Something Like This Since 9/11


Black Poverty Exposed

The Hurricane Didn’t Just Blow Away New Orleans. It Blew America’s Cover

Vomit and Gardenias

New Orleans Is the American Orient

Who’s to Blame?

Hurricanes Don’t Just Happen


Moon Blues

City Harasses Beloved—and Peaceful—University District Bar

One More Day

Port Reform

With Three Seats Open, Shakeup Seems Likely

Counter Intel

The Missing Governor

Bush's Lucky Day

The President Escapes Political Catastrophe, For Now

Sound Bite

Confidence Man

In Other Neighborhoods

Police Beat

Learning from Tacoma

In The Hall

Corr Constituency


Help Hurricane Victims

Hundreds of thousand have been made homeless in Louisiana, Alabama, and Mississippi, and thousands may be dead. You can help those in need by making a donation to the American Red Cross.

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Control Tower

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Be Prepared!

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The Week in Review

Letters to the Editor

The Stranger vs. Bumbershoot

Head Games

Dashboard Confessional Mad Libs

Booty Call

The Need for Nasty Hiphop

Here Come the Bad Boys

The Stooges and the New York Dolls Keep Nothin' in Their Pants

Slip of the Tongue in Cheek

Shaking Ass in Buttrock Suites

Intellectual Design

Meredith Monk Does the Unspeakable

The Mind's Eye

When Conscious Hiphop Kicks In

No Laughing Matter

Juana Molina's Guffaws-to-Guitars Sagaby

The Surreal World

Bumbershoot Stars Go for Broke on the Boob Tube

The Eternal Struggle

Cranium vs. Crotchium Performance Picks

Comics Are Hot!

Smartypants vs. Sexbombs!

Rocket Man

Dave Eggers and the Future

Second Skin

ShellEy Jackson's Permanent Ink

Bookish Babes

Five Female Writers You Don't Want to Miss

Satan Spawn and Selma's Cootchie

Highlights from the 1 Reel Film Festival

Who, When, Where