Print Edition for the week of
Sep. 9 - 15, 2015

Vol. 25, No. 2
Bad Dudes, Bad Dudes by Stacey Rozich

Savage Love


I, Anonymous


Box-Office Hit War Room Made Me Shake with Rage

Pushing Christianity Instead of Crack

Forget It, Jake. It’s Seattle.

What the Cinerama Fan Film Series Says About Our Taste

The Mend Is a Wonderful Psychodrama

In The Visit, a Teenage Rapper Gets Shit Rubbed in His Face

Thanks a Lot, M. Night Shyamalan


I, Anonymusic

The Coup Played My Basement

Freedom and Tribulation

Bejar Now

On Poison Season, Destroyer Leaves the Indie Zeitgeist Behind and Heads into the Mystic

Rock 'n' Roll Roomies

Living with Dave Grohl—Literally

Free Will Astrology

Visual Art

Anatomy of a Painting

Seven Things I'd Like to Point Out About Samuel F.B. Morse's Painting Gallery of the Louvre


A Handy Guide to the Poets Reading at Wave in the PNW

These Words Are Made for Reading

Lee, Myself & I Offers a Vivid Portrait of Lee Hazlewood’s Autumn Years

This Is a Business

Best-Selling Genre Author J.A. Jance Has No Patience for Literary Snobbery

Patrick deWitt's Fractured Fairy Tale

A Kids' Book for Grown-Ups from the Author of The Sisters Brothers

Food & Drink

Beetles, Barnacles, and Duck Embryos

Nue's Global Street Food Is All Over the Map, but That's Not Actually a Bad Thing


Alice B. Toklas Lived in Seattle Before She Met Gertrude Stein

She lived on First Hill in the 1890s, and rumor has it she still haunts the neighborhood. Stein would not have achieved international literary fame without her.

We See Death When We See Crows

The cemetery where Bruce Lee and Brandon Lee are buried is often filled with them. Why?

Inside the Seattle Clinic That Survived the Darkest Days of AIDS

Dr. Peter Shalit's Office Building on Cherry Street Is Being Torn Down to Make Way for New Development

Person of Interest

Harvey Gorsuch, clotheshorse

Princess Leia's Teeny-Weeny Sex-Slave Bikini

How Should a Victim Be Costumed?

A Performer Quitting a Production During the Run Can Be a Theater's Worst Nightmare

On the Ethics of Bailing

Listening to Choral Music Makes My Soul Crack Open

Is That Supposed to Happen?

What's in Your Dressing Room, Chris Jeffries and Sarah Rudinoff?

Sarah Rudinoff and Chris Jeffries backstage at the Frye Art Museum's exhibition Genius / 21 Century / Seattle

Seattle Art and Performance

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Here’s How the City Could Stop Those Special Move-In Deals for Tech Workers

And Why Seattle Should Do Even More to Help Low-Income Renters

Last Days

Last Days: The Week in Review

News Flash: Kim Davis Is a Real A-hole