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Sep. 23 - 29, 2015

Vol. 25, No. 4
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Mike Force

Savage Love

Friends with Violations

I, Anonymous

My Way or the Segway


"Oh, That's Who I Am!" An Interview with Soundgarden Singer and Solo Artist Chris Cornell

How Chris Cornell of Soundgarden Developed a Solo Identity He Could Relate To

An Interview with Soundgarden Singer and Solo Artist Chris Cornell

My Philosophy

Reporting Live from the Gutter

Chris Cornell Interview, Extended Version

Free Will Astrology


Insert Ideology Here

Strawshop Switches Capitalism for Communism in Havel's The Memorandum, and It Fits Perfectly

We Saw You

We Saw You Have Sex on the Beach, Text About Drugs, and Eat Pizza While Cycling

Stranger Staffers Were There As It Happened

Visual Art

Meet the New Boss: You

James Coupe's Chilling, Tender General Intellect Brings the Microeconomy to Your Art Collection


Saul Williams Hacks Into History

Rapper/Poet/Actor Takes on Capitalism and Racism in US(a.), but His Real Magic Will Be on the Stage

Food & Drink

An Appreciation of Cured Meat

We Should Eat Meat for Its Taste, Not to Feel Full


Where to Eat If...

The Breast Advice, or Tit Tips

Advice for Young People About Having Boobs, Shopping for Bras, and Dealing with the Rest of the World

What Is Your Professor Really Like? A Peek Into His or Her World

What they think of you, how to sleep with them, and other advice from someone who's done that job.

Advice for When You're 18-ish

The Stranger's Guide to College, Cooking, Drinking, Writing, Boobs, and Everything Else Your College Won't Teach You

Our 2015 Back to School Issue

Advice About Drinking for First Timers, Old Pros, and Everyone in Between

Drunk of the Week's Official Guide to College Boozing

Classes You Can Take As an Adult to Liven Up Your Brain and Care About the World Again

Here's How to Survive College If You Hate Writing

(You're Going to Have to Write A LOT)

Things To Do If You're Under 21

All-Ages Venues

Cooking Your Own Food Is Easier Than You Think

But people living on their own for the first time often find cooking intimidating. When in doubt, make a "heavy salad."

Person of Interest

BenDeLaCreme, drag queen


Want to Get Involved in Local Activism?

Here Are Some People You Might Want to Consider Marching Behind (Except the Last One... Don't Consider That One)

Hello, Weed-Smoking College Students, Welcome to Seattle, Where What You Do Is Not Illegal

Well, It's Illegal If You're Under 21, and Your School Probably Doesn't Allow It on Campus...

Welcome to College, Now Pay Attention to Local Politics

And Register to Vote Already!