Print Edition for the week of
Oct. 21 - 27, 1999

Vol. 9, No. 5

Savage Love

Hot Grannies

New Column!

I, Anonymous


David Lynch's G-Rated Masterpiece

Decent People on the Highway of Life

Pure Cinema

The Films of François Truffaut

They're Here and They're Queer

Lesbian and Gay Film Fest is Out & Does Itself Proud

Ringside Bed-Stuy

Life on the Ropes

A New Type of Pain

Body Shots Bites

Movie Times

Film Shorts


CD Review Revue

Postmodern Air Supply

Wheat Reveal Which Members of Mötley Crüe They'd Want to Be

Up & Coming

Can You Hear Street Sounds?

Hiphop Radio is a Basic Urban Right

More Up & Coming

Detroit Novelty

The Go Can Fill out a leather Jacket

All Ages Action

Live Sex on Wheels

Blonde Redhead is One Hot little Engine

Live Music Listings

More Music Listings

DJ Listings

DJ Guide

Club Directory


See Jane's Run

Book-It Does Brontë Proud

Of Moons and Cowboys

A Confusing Meditation

Theater Listings

Visual Art

Being Nicolas Cage

Scorsese Shoots the Story of Joe Connelly's Life

Domestic Minimalism

Kustom Kitchen Kulture

Visual Arts Listings



Taking the Leap

Kevin Canty's Violence and Beauty and Loss

Mr. Institution

John Ashberry Kills the "Poetry is Dead" Debate

Book Review Revue

Top 10 Bestsellers

Readings Listings

Food & Drink




A Miracle in Ballard

Endgames and Entropy Curves

Forget the big crash-- Y2K-related problems are likely to be chronic and long term

Tina's Last Stand

Mayor and Council Make Mincemeat of Podlodowski's Noise Ordinance


Class, Not Race, is the Real Internet Disconnect

Vancouver Vanguard

Local Teamsters Want the Port of Seattle to Follow Canada's Lead and Get Tough with Trucking Companies

In Other News...

Police Beat

Husbands and Wives

Letters to the Editor

Last Days

Culture Wars

Empire Building

I Love Television

Canned Chet


The Ungodly

It's My Party

Stand Up!

Book Supplement

Celebrity Is Never an Art

The Beautiful Ones

Record Label Turns to publishing

Hey Drag City Lit!

A Moment in the Park with Galaxy Craze

Between Fame and Stuffing Envelopes

Fame! I'm Going to live Forever!

Portrait of a Really Famous Seattle Writer

To Get Famous, Punch Somebody

Fight Club Rains Down on Chuck Palahniuk

Bret Easton Ellis

A Tale of Three Names

Gunther Grass

How to Act When You Win the Nobel Prize

Close to Stalking

Transgressing Literature with Mary Gaitskill