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Sep. 22 - 28, 2005

Vol. 15, No. 2

Savage Love

The Horror


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I Want My Sednaoui

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Data Breaker

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Party Crasher

Float Like a Basquiat, Sting Like Vermeer



The New Pornographers Prize Quality over Kitsch

The World Went Dark

NIN's King of Pain

Border Radio

Roots & Americana

All Ages Action


Christopher DeLaurenti

The Score


My Philosophy

Hiphop Ya Don't Stop

A Decade of DIY

'No Depression' Celebrates American Music

Date Place Time

Live Wire

Finding Nirvana

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Icelandic Bliss

Sigur Rós Transcend in 'Takk...'

By Bleeps and Bounds

Decibel Festival Grows Up and Out

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Pretty Puppets, Subtle Yet Manic Comedy, and a Eulogy for a Drooping Spoof

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Roadside Distraction

Three Shipwrecked Businessmen, a Palm Tree, and Several Baffled Traffic Reporters

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Maxing the Novel

Messy, Noisy, Crowded, and Yet Empty


Shoot the Hater

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Bar Exam

It's Twilight Time

Time Warp II

The '80s Nostalgia Craze Strikes Back

Eatin' Out


Bad Numbers

Voters Roughed Up Mayor and Incumbent City Council Members on Primary Night


Counter Intel

Nickels Wimps Out

In The Hall

Fighting Words

Red Light Green Light

Judge Forces City to Consider Strip Club Rules

Rapid Response

Under the Gun, Monorail Agency Reacts to Nickels's Demands

The War at Home

Local Gold Star Mom Hits D.C., Local Protesters Hit Westlake

The Daley Show

Nickels Isn't Da Mayor He Claimed to Be, and I Want My Money Back

Police Beat

Being in Seattle

Fowl Garbage

KFC Litter Trashes North Seattle

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The Lord Helps Those...

When Help Hast Forsaken Thee, Do It Thine Damn Self

The Beautiful and Damned

Helpful Hints for Homosexuals

Abstain from Credit

Beware the Hand That Offers Plastic

Your Hellish University

Five Schools, Five Roads to Perdition

The Library of Babel

Navigating Your Way Around the Infernal World Wide Web

Frugalness Is Next to Godliness

Tips for Cheap Collegiate Living

Abstain from Stupid Sex

But God Loves a Righteous Hump

Theological Etiquette

Getting Along with Your Godless Peers

Celestial Sounds

Enjoying Seattle's Wholesome, All-Ages Nightlife

Abstain from Alcoholism

Too Much Booze Is Bad News

Abstain from Crystal Meth

Sensible Drug Use for Sensible Students