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Dec. 9 - 15, 2015

Vol. 25, No. 15
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COVER ART by tom deslongchamp

Savage Love

Hard Work

New Column!

Guest Editorial: Being Carly Fiorina's Best Friend Is No Picnic

I, Anonymous

Happy Fucksgiving


My Philosophy

Black Umbrella Expands to Include Malitia MaliMob

The Vertigo of Mariah Carey's Breakup Songs

"Fantasy" Came Out 20 Years Ago, and She's Been Chasing the Dragon of Requited Love Ever Since

I, Anonymusic

Thank You for Asking Patti Smith About Black Lives Matter

Free Will Astrology


Wait, On the Boards Has a Writer in Residence Now?

Yes, yes they do. Meet the contemporary performance space's first writer in residence, Claudia La Rocco.

Visual Art

Anatomy of a Painting

Masami Teraoka's Tale of 1000 Condoms / Geisha and Skeleton

How Ellen Forney Got the Right Pair of Hands for Her Capitol Hill Light Rail Station Mural

We Saw You

Food & Drink

Windy City Pie Adds a Terrific Twist to Chicago-Style Pizza

All You Need to Do Is Show Up on a Street Corner in Sodo to Get Some


When a Mass Killer Is a White Christian, He's a Lone Lunatic, but When He's Muslim, He Represents All Muslims

The Logic of Prejudice and How It Works

On His Deathbed, My Father and I Could Agree on Only One Thing: Bach

Time was running out, he would soon be dead, it was now or never.

Black Americans Came to Washington State from Around the Country to Help Build the Atomic Bomb

But They Had No Idea What They Were Working On

As an Austrian, I Am Baffled by America's Love for The Sound of Music

And no, I will not be flying from Vienna to Seattle to see the 5th Avenue Theatre's new production. If you go see it, here are a couple things to keep in mind.

What's in Your Dressing Room, Peter Boal?

Backstage at Pacific Northwest Ballet's Nutcracker

A Storytelling Renaissance Is Happening Right Under Your Thumb

I'm Addicted to Podcasts—and Radiolab Is One of My Favorites

Person of Interest

Underwater Santa


At a City-Funded Project to Build Homeless Housing, Charges of Underpayment of Immigrant Workers

Want Organic Weed?

Third-Party-Certified Pot Is the Next Best Thing

Drunk of the Week

It's Flu Season