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Dec. 30 - Jan. 5, 2016

Vol. 25, No. 18
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Tyler Boss

Savage Love

Other Dicks, Other Doms

New Column!

Ten Pregrets for 2016

Because It's Never Too Soon to Start Worrying

I, Anonymous

Look Up, Look Out


Top Questions I Do Not Regret Asking Famous Musicians in 2015

My 35 Favorite Qs and As from the Year, Ranked in Reverse Order

My Philosophy

No Regerts: A True Story

Free Will Astrology

Food & Drink

What Seattle's Food and Drink Professionals Regret About 2015

Discussed: Dumplings, Weird-Ass Tostilocos, and the Inner Beyoncé


We Regret These Errors

The Stranger's 2015 Regrets Issue

Person Of Interest

Abe and James Ackley, Proprietors of Bob's Quality Meats


What They Really Think of Us

Subjects of The Stranger's 2015 News Coverage Regret Our Language, Our Wandering Eyes, and More!

What Business Owners, Budtenders, and Marijuana Lovers Regret About 2015

Discussed: Last-Minute Cannabutter, Too Many Skittles, and Amorphous Blobs of Semisolid Reality

Drunk of the Week