Print Edition for the week of
Mar. 16 - 22, 2016

Vol. 25, No. 29

Savage Love

Safe Wording


The Unlikely, Rewarding Convergence of Debacle Fest and Columbia City Theater

A New Reason to Take Light Rail to Columbia City

More Light Rail Stations Means More Busking, but It's Not Allowed on the Platforms

Feeling Color with Radiation City

Synesthetica Matures Their Honeyed, Futuristic Pop

Free Will Astrology

For the Week of March 16


Single Women Are a Political Force to Be Reckoned With

Rebecca Traister on the GOP's Worst Nightmare

Food & Drink

A World of Cuisines Awaits You from the Othello Light Rail Station

Maybe Some History and Geography Lessons, Too


Now That Light Rail Has Come to Capitol Hill, It's Time to Sell My Car

Related: Does Anyone Want to Buy a Car?

The Making of the Capitol Hill Light Rail Station

How They Built It, How Deep Underground It Goes, and What the Businesses Nearby Think

Person of Interest

Dick Falkenbury: Light Rail Enemy, Die-Hard Fan of Expanded Monorail


This Fall's Ballot Will Determine the Fate of the Next Phase of Mass Transit in Puget Sound

Sodo's Green Light District Just Got Much Easier to Get To

You Know There's a Glut of Weed Shops in Sodo, Right? Cannabis City Is Within Walking Distance of the Light Rail Station, and Ganja Goddess Will Send a Van to Pick You Up from the Station

How the Next Light Rail Expansion Could Bring Seattle More Affordable Housing

A New Requirement for Sound Transit 3 Would Put 80 Percent of the Agency's Surplus Land Toward Housing

Good-Bye, Rainier Avenue

I Hope to Never See That Street Again in My Life!

You Can Bring Your Bike on Light Rail, but Maybe Don't Bring Your Cargo Bike—For Now

Sound Transit Is Already Planning on Buying Train Cars That Will Fit Larger Bikes

Saturday Is “Launch Day” for Extended Light Rail Service

Do Our Light Rail Fare Enforcers Look Like the Communities They Serve?

They're Overwhelmingly White, and Sound Transit Wants to Change That