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Mar. 30 - Apr. 5, 2016

Vol. 25, No. 31

Savage Love


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Ask the Saddest Tree in Seattle!

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Free Will Astrology

For the Week of March 30

Food & Drink

I'm Sick of People Complaining About All These New Restaurants

What is a city if not full of businesses like this? Restaurants and bars are not just about places to eat and drink. They’re about culture, chance encounters, opportunities to disappear, and finding people to have sex with.

The Time My Family Ordered a Whole Fried Catfish at Rainier Restaurant and BBQ

The smallest catfish they had was five pounds. Their "secret" menu also includes meats like python and alligator.

Enough with Eating Entire Animals—Seattle Restaurants Are Getting Creative with Vegetables and Grains

Bone Broths, Butter Coffee, and Grain Bowls at Bounty Kitchen, Sweetgrass Food Co., and Eve

Amazon Is Giving Its Downtown Employees a World of Restaurant Choices—Will the Rest of the City Show Up to Eat?

The food options at Sixth and Lenora now include Mamnoon Street, Anar, Bar Noroeste, Great State Burger, Marination, and Skillet Regrade. With more to come.

No Food Means More to Me Than the Frites at Cafe Presse

How the kitchen makes them, and why they matter to me.

The 10 New Restaurants You Should Try Right Now

The Sauce


Talking Dirty with the Seattle Kinksters Who Are Making Taboo Topics Trendy

Meet the guys behind the No Safeword podcast, the guys behind the YouTube channel Watts the Safeword, and the woman behind the Center for Sex Positive Culture.

Person of Interest

Porter Ray, Seattle MC, Book Lover

How Creative Capital Replaced the NEA and Taught Artists to Be Ambitious


Build It

Here's the Plan for How We Dramatically Expand Light Rail Over the Next 30 Years

Medical Marijuana Patients Worry That the State's New Pot Authorization Form Is an Overshare