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Apr. 13 - 19, 2016

Vol. 25, No. 33

Savage Love


New Column!

Guest Editorial

Dear Superman: Fine. You Win. I'm Sorry, I Guess.

I, Anonymous

iPhone Thief

Free Will Astrology

For the Week of April 13


The Pacing Is Slow, but the Pathos of brownsville song (b-side for tray) Is Undeniable

I Turned Into a Puddle of Heart-Melt by the End

We Saw You


How Seattle Gave Up on Busing and Allowed Its Public Schools to Become Alarmingly Resegregated

When I was a student in our city's public schools, they were wonderfully diverse. Now I'm a Seattle public school teacher, and they're not. We need to reverse this failure now.

Person of Interest

Sharlese Metcalf, Music Community Events Coordinator and DJ at KEXP

Want to Relax? Don't Let Them Talk You Into High-THC Weed

Ask for"High-CBD" Weed Instead


Bertha Is About to Drill Under the Viaduct—Here Are Five Questions That Still Haven't Been Answered

You Won't Believe Number 5! (Or, Actually, at This Point You Probably Will)

The Word "Marijuana" Versus the Word "Cannabis"

And Why I'm Going to Stop Using the Former in This Column


David Schmader Wrote a User’s Guide for Pot—and It’s Perfect

An Interview with the Author of Weed: The User's Guide About Dabbing, Bongs, Maureen Dowd, and More

The Time I Ate a Pot Brownie and Went to the Laser Dome

It Was Laser Zeppelin, and I Got So Stoned, I Ended Up Crawling Around on My Hands and Knees and Almost Peed in the Pacific Science Center Fountain

Shows at the Laser Dome You Can Go See Right Now

Plus, How They Make the Visuals

Three Military Veterans Explain What Weed Does for Their PTSD

These Vets Who Use Cannabis Talk About How It's Saved Lives—Specifically, Theirs