Print Edition for the week of
Jun. 29 - Jul. 5, 2016

Vol. 25, No. 44
Alexander Mostov

Savage Love

Douche Moves

New Column!

Returning Column!

You're Wrong About That: Fireworks Edition!

I, Anonymous



Electronic Music Stars Get Old, Too

But DJ Shadow, Moby, and Aphex Twin Are All Still Trying Hard on New Records

Record Review: Amy Blaschke's Melodic, Melancholy Breaking the Blues Is a Perfect Hybrid of Seattle and LA

My Philosophy: Larry Mizell Jr. on Gucci Mane

Plus: Rap Fashion Scumbag Ian Connor Finally Gets Ostracized

Free Will Astrology

For the Week of June 29

We Saw You


The Reluctant Romantic Poetry of Seattle-based Writer Maged Zaher

Capitalism and Privilege Can't Thwart Romantic Desire in The Consequences of My Body

Food & Drink

Seattle's Food Scene Just Got Less Weird and Interesting

Chef Travis Kukull Has Left Mollusk


2016 Stranger Genius Award Nominee Hardly Art Records

This Asshole Again

The Family Policy Institute's Joseph Backholm Is Back—He's Still Attacking LGBTQ People, He's Still Getting Paid to Hate, and He's Still a Huge Asshole.


Anti-Trans Signature Gatherers Show Up at Pride

Signature Gatherers Are Being Told to Give People Few Details About Their Anti-Trans Ballot Initiative—And If They Tell You I-1515 Is a "Fair Vote for Coed Bathrooms," They're Lying

Ride the Ducks Cites "Discriminatory" Law to Deny Relief to Families of Crash Victims

The Parents of 20-Year-Old Haram Kim Are Challenging the Law's Constitutionality

Can Seattle Use Pot Taxes to Help the Homeless?