Print Edition for the week of
Oct. 12 - 18, 2016

Vol. 26, No. 7
A Strange Little Scrap of Paper by James Sturm. James was the very first art director at The Stranger, and this comic came about as a funny solution for filling small spaces throughout the paper while he worked here.

Savage Love

Senior Moments

The Stranger's Guide to Seattle's Happiest Happy Hours

Late-Night and Early-Morning Happy Hours in Seattle

Four Good Deals on Food at Odd Hours

The Best Happy Hours in Seattle for Beer Geeks

With a Few Notes About What I've Ordered Recently and Loved

Best Craft Cocktail Happy Hours in Seattle

These Are a Few of My Favorite Places—With a Few Recommendations About What to Order

Happy Hours for People Who Are a Little Old Man on the Inside

Three of My Favorite Seattle Dives

The Best Happy Hours in Seattle for Gamers

Where to Find Video Games, Board Games, Pinball, Trivia Nights, and More

The Gayest Guide in the World to Seattle's Happy Hours

There Are a Lot of Queer Bars in This Town, and It Can Be Difficult to Keep Track of Their Best Deals

The Best High-End Happy Hours in Seattle Right Now

To Make It onto This List, Restaurants Had to Offer Food and Drink Specials

A Guide to Hotel Happy Hours in Seattle

I Visited All of These Places Recently, But I Didn't Stay the Night—I Just Gorged in Their Restaurants

Bars I Recommend for Taking Tinder Dates To

It's Got to Be Somewhere You're Not Going to Run Into Your Knucklehead Friends—But Good. So, Where?

Clean Your Bong

Free Will Astrology


Is Pornography Use a Public Health Crisis?

Religious Conservatives Are Using Porn as a Sexy Scapegoat for Social Ills

20 Questions with Mike Nipper, Stranger Receptionist Since 1994

25 Years of the Stranger

Danny Housman, The Stranger's First Music Editor, Reflects on Seattle's Music Scene in the '90s

How Writing for The Stranger Made Me Blacker

Jamie Hook on Boogie Nights: America Fears Cock

2009–2016: The Stranger's Imperial Phase and That Time We Won a Pulitzer

How the Hell Did That Happen, Anyway?

Let's Get Lost

Stumbling Through the Biggest Pull-Tab Market in America—Originally Published in The Stranger on January 1, 1998

Bradley Steinbacher: The Stranger Ruined My Life

Seriously, I Hate You, Just Die Already

An Oral History of the First Year of The Stranger

1999–2008: The Bush Years and The Stranger's Difficult Second Period

What It Was Like to Work at The Stranger During the Early 21st Century

In Memoriam: Remembering Stranger Staffers Who've Passed

Min Liao on Shanghai Garden and the Tyranny of Dr. Atkins

Originally Published in The Stranger on April 3, 2003

For 25 Years, The Stranger Has Spoken the Sexy, Unruly Visual Language of Art Itself

Dan Savage's San Diego Diary

Bored Stiff at the 1996 Republican National Convention

Eat This Word: A Naughty Name for the Holy Grail

Originally Published in The Stranger October 12, 1992

Mistakes Were Made: 25 Years of Golden Blunders

We’re Not Too Big to Say “I’m Sorry”

Enemies of the State

Remember That Time We Called the City Attorney Satan?

I Was Stranger Music Editor for Three Minutes 18 Years Ago and Seattle Music Still Sucks

25 Years of The Stranger: Table of Contents

Everything in our Anniversary Issue

25 Years of Savage Love: How Savage Love Changed the Way We Talk and Think About Sex

Savage Love Glossary

From GGG to Santorum: Excerpts from Some of the Most Memorable Savage Love Columns

Where Are They Now?

Former Stranger Staffers Reminisce About Confronting Neo-Nazis, Death Threats, and the Time Before the Internet

A Critical Overview of a Quarter Century

Keeping Secrets: NAMBLA, the Idealization of Children, and the Contradictions of Gay Politics

Originally published in The Stranger on March 20, 1997

The Good Mother: Family Values, Hillary Clinton Style

Originally published on September 8, 1996

The First Savage Love

How It All Started

Letter From the Publisher: Tim Keck Reflects on 25 Years

Letter from the Editor: Yup, We're Still Here

I'd Rather Jump Out the Window Than Celebrate 25 Years of The Stranger with This Issue

Pretty on the Outside

Stranger Covers Through the Years

1991-1998: An Alternative History of the '90s

With Highlights from The Stranger's First Seven Years