Print Edition for the week of
Nov. 23 - 29, 2016

Vol. 26, No. 13
Illustration by Levi Hastings

Savage Love

Eat Me

Clean Your Bong

I, Anonymous

Shut Up And Fight

Free Will Astrology

We Saw You

HUMP! Winners

Trump Might Be President, but We Can Still Fuck the Pain Away

Food & Drink

The Giblet Incident

Why You Shouldn't Let Pescatarians Cook the Thanksgiving Turkey


How to Get Through Thanksgiving at Your Right-Wing Family's House

Person of Interest: Alan Harvey

A Seattle Economist on Fixing the City's Housing Crisis and What Trump Might Do to the Dollar

How to Have the Worst Thanksgiving Ever (On Purpose)

Fuck the Orphan Friendsgiving. Wallow in That Self-Pity and Despair. Embrace Misery.

Where to Donate Food, Money, or Time on Thanksgiving


Politicians, Seahawk Doug Baldwin Call for Police Deadly Force Law Reform

The Question Is: Will Olympia Listen?

Lisa Herbold Wins the Budget Fight

The Freshman Council Member Gets Stuff Done