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Dec. 28 - Jan. 3, 2017

Vol. 26, No. 18
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Illustration by Steven Weissman. His latest book is Looking for America’s Dog from Fantagraphics (2016)

Savage Love

Revolution Hall


Our 2017 Film Preview! You're Welcome!

Featuring: Aliens! Baby Drivers! And a LOT of Angry Monkeys!

I, Anonymous

Knives Out

Free Will Astrology

Food & Drink

What I Do and Don't Regret About a Recent Trip to Vista, Snoqualmie Casino's Restaurant

Have You Ever Tried Ringing In the New Year at a Casino? Just an Idea


Person of Interest: Diana Adams

Meet the Owner of Vermillion, Capitol Hill's Living Room

We Regret These Errors

The Mistakes The Stranger Made in 2016