Print Edition for the week of
Mar. 1 - 7, 2017

Vol. 26, No. 27
Illustration by Keith Negley

Savage Love

Come Now

I, Anonymous

I, Anonymous: Post Pot

Free Will Astrology

For the Week of March 1

Person of Interest

Person of Interest: Savannah Sly

A Sex Workers' Rights Activist Gives the Side-Eye to Local Lawmakers

Art and Performance Spring 2017

When Lusting for a Young Woman Doesn't Work, Write an Opera

How composer Leos Janacek's obsession with a 25-year-old woman (when he was in his 60s) renewed his creativity and inspired Katya Kabanova.

Neil Gaiman Has Been Thinking a Lot About the End of the World Lately

A Conversation with the Science Fiction and Fantasy Author About His Seattle Past, the Future of America, and the Norse Apocalypse

Anatomy of a Drawing: Jim Woodring

How a Dream Becomes a Drawing

The Understated Pop Brilliance of a 5th Avenue Theatre Director

Bill Berry has a reputation for coaxing funny performances out of actors. How does he do that?

Trivia Fun Time! How Well Do You Know Orlando?

As UW Drama Stages an Adaptation of Orlando, It's Time to Test Your Knowledge of Orlando Trivia!