Print Edition for the week of
Mar. 8 - 14, 2017

Vol. 26, No. 28
“Moxie Parade, Emoji of the Future” by Ellen Forney with Jacob Fennell. Art prints of the cover image available at Profits to be donated to badass women’s nonprofits.

Savage Love

Defining Decency Down


Beauty and Terror

Director Jordan Vogt-Roberts on Monsters, Vietnam, and Kong: Skull Island

Take a Break from Trump's America and Spend Five Hours with the Four Japanese Women in Happy Hour

I, Anonymous


How We Finally Know We're Old: Grunge Tours Are a Thing in Seattle

Why Should I Give a Fuck About... Bob James?

Helado Negro’s Power Through Autonomy

Experimental Electronic Musician Roberto Carlos Lange Makes Time and Space for Connection on 2016’s Private Energy

Free Will Astrology

For the Week of March 8


The Indescribably Weird and Wonderful World of Mount Analogue

Seattle's Most Fascinating Small Press Is About to Flood the Lit Scene

Food & Drink

Karaoke with a Side of Fried Chicken

Stars in the Sky Serves Food and Fun in Its Karaoke Rooms


Adventures in Microdosing

Some say taking small amounts of LSD or psychedelic mushrooms can decrease depression, anxiety, and chronic pain. I decided to give it a try, with one mis-measured dose along the way.

Shticker Shock with Ellen Forney

A Text Conversation with the Cartoonist Behind Our Cover 

One Day at a Time

On Beatty, Beauty, and the Beast


Trump Signals That He Wants to Restart the War on Drugs

Right as Washington State Was About to Finally Clean Up the Messy History of Our Cannabis Laws

Person of Interest

Person of Interest: Renee Jarreau Greene

A DJ Who Doubles as a Community Organizer