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Dec. 8 - 14, 2005

Vol. 15, No. 13

Savage Love

Roller Pervy

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I, Anonymous



$400 Million Dollar Baby

This Week on Television

Movie Times

Film Shorts

Black Gold

Wading into the Muck of the Oil Industry


Missed Opportunities

Lionizing Jesus

Decent Entertainment–If You Like Insidious Messages


Live Wire

Black Eyes and Broken Hearts

Avant Party

A Roundtable of NW Noisemakers

The Man and the Mask

A History of MF Doom

Party Crasher

Chug the Lite Frat-tastic

The Score

Classical, Jazz, & Avant

Up & Coming


MCR vs. My Eighth-Grade Poetry

Western Philosophy

The Force Is with Kanye

Oblivion Seekers

No-Neck Band's "Problem"

Poster of the Week

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My Philosophy

Hiphop Ya Don't Stop

Who, Where, When

Cruisin' for a Boozin'

Black Lips' Garage Ruckus

All Ages Action

Border Radio

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Data Breaker


Mix-Tape Massacre

Seattle in the Mix

A Very Loco X-Mas with Los Straitjackets

Christmas Pageant 2005

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Theater News

A Daring Bloody Mess

Theater Listings

On Stage

Googlewhack, Scarlatina, and a Baghdad T&A Cabaret

Visual Art

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Four Days in Miami

The Big Show and Its Discontents



The Roar of the Store

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Serious, but Funny

The 'Internationalist' Is Edutainment

Food & Drink

Hill Street Blues

15th Avenue Is a Magnet for Mediocrity

Bar Exam

Jews 'n' Brews

Eatin' Out


After I-75

Seattle's Move to De-Prioritize Marijuana Arrests Is Working—Arrests for Marijuana Use Are Down, Pot Smoking Is Not Up, and Other Cities Are Following Our Lead. So What's Next? How About Ending the War on Drugs?

Strangercrombie 2005 Honor Roll



Glass Houses

In Other News...

Moon Landing

City's Club Monitors Target Blue Moon Tavern—Again

In the Hall

The Replacements

In Other Neighborhoods

Police Beat

All the Blankets We Had

Sin City

Mayor Proposes Strip-Club District South of Downtown

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