Print Edition for the week of
Nov. 8 - 22, 2017

Vol. 27, No. 7
Earth Shattering by Kelly Reemtsen,

Savage Love

The Daddy Files


Bad Art Bites Back in The Square

Laurie Metcalf: Greatest Living Actress? Lady Bird Says Yes

Greta Gerwig's debut as a solo writer/director is startlingly smart and powerful.


Lizzo Is the Body-Positive MC Who's Healing the Nation

Her self-care manual for strong black women is hella good.

Beatle Spawn Dhani Harrison Forges an Electronic Path on Solo Debut LP


Bones Break and Ballerinas Get Strangled in Her Story at Pacific Northwest Ballet

The strength of women in the face of violence is the thread connecting these pieces.

Free Will Astrology

November 8–14

Visual Art

Andrew Wyeth’s Secret Selves

A retrospective at SAM reveals things about the major American painter you may not know.

Food & Drink

Foraging for Mushrooms Is Hard, So I Just Bought Some

Seattle's finest foraged foods don't require a walk in the woods.


To Boldly Go Where Pot Products Have Not Gone Before

Legal weed can't cross state lines, so how are some Seattle brands for sale in other states and even other countries?

Why Are People So Weird About Eating Bugs? We'll All Be Eating Them Soon

By 2050, grasshoppers, cockroaches, and ants will be part of Thanksgiving dinner.

How Sexism and Harassment Allegations at Seattle City Light Get Lost in the Dark

Community Radio in Seattle Fights Back Against Corporate Behemoths and Mainstream Christian Programming

How eight new low-power FM neighborhood radio stations got onto the air, and why you should listen.

Crossword Solution

Crossword Solution: "Next Level Shit"