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Dec. 15 - 21, 2005

Vol. 15, No. 14

Savage Love

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Movie Times

Aping a Classic

Peter Jackson Makes Good on His Dream

Film Shorts

This Week on Television

Ritual and Catfights

Memoirs of an Anglophone Chinese Geisha

Bareback Mountin'

Critics Fumble the Gay Cowboy Movie


Slice and Dice

Hokey for the Holidays

A Hellish Family with a Dreamy Dad


Ghosts in the Machine


Border Radio

Roots & Americana


The Nostalgia

Ray of Light

Silver Sunshine's Cosmic Pop


Jake Shears Chats Up Kiki & Herb

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Cuddling Up to El Olio Wolof

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Party Crasher

Cos and Effect

Haunted Heads

Spook the Horse Set the Mood

Hammy Holidays

Christmas Chaos with 'The Stranger'

Live Music & DJ Listings

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Now Without Smallpox

Lots of Error, Little Comedy

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Christmas Smoke Break

Theater Listings

Mice and Nightmares

How One Little Girl's Christmas Horror Spawned a Holiday Heartwarmer

Visual Art

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Information Society



Jackets and Soup

Readings Listings

A Rock and a Rural Place

Growing Up in America with a Black Adopted Brother, Racist Parents, and Christian Signs Along the Highway

A Desire Called Utopia

Fredric Jameson Gets to the Bottom of Science Fiction

Food & Drink


Stripe of Magic

Style to Spare

Veil Brings Lush Food and Fussy Design to Queen Anne

Chow Bio


Eatin' Out


Strangercrombie 2005

Final Hours! Bid Now or Never!

Hurry Up and Date

How I Scored with 11 Men in Under an Hour

Take It Outside

In Praise of the Smoking Ban

A View From the Stage

Notes on the Smoking Ban from a Musician


Counter Intel

$50,000 Questions

Driving Lessons

City Council Treks to San Francisco, Checks Out Possible Alternative to the Mayor's Viaduct Tunnel

Battle Lines

Activist High Schoolers Frame the Debate

In Other News

Unhappy Guest

In the Hall

Noise Annoys

Police Beat

The Animal Madman


Virgin Horror Stories

Strangercrombie Item of the Day

Ira Glass Interviews You: Ira Glass Will Record a Conversation with You Via Phone and Send You That and a Bunch of Cool This American Life Swag

Strangercrombie Item of the Day

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